Thursday, February 23, 2012

ALABAMA - We The PEOPLE Newsletter #179

It is noted that the tone of our newsletters is regrettable becoming more bleak… probably because conditions are becoming more so.
We can only hope that enough people pull their head out of the sand and get themselves informed and involved in time to make a difference.

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  1. It’s time, Governor……make the call!

    It has become pretty clear that the oft-fickle “Big Mo” is now so in favor of Governor Romney becoming the GOP standard bearer that it seems insurmountable. So it’s time, time for the presumptive representative of the “Beat Obama” party to reach out to his foremost challenger, Senator Santorum, in order to mend all-important fences and unite the weary faithful for the run
    up to the general election.

    Yes, we’re talking veep here. Not the most popular or enchanting pick at first glance. At least not to Romney’s establishment Republican backers, that is. But that’s just it. This isn’t for them. It’s for the team. Without Santorum’s staunch conservative supporters, you’ve just got another moderate Republican trying to defeat an incumbent Democrat in the White House. Something the GOP has never been able to do.

    The task seems even more daunting against the Democrats’ auspicious campaign war chest and a mostly compliant media. But bring the Anti-O team truly together with the appointment of Santorum as a running mate, then you have a recipe for a formidable threat to the ‘Hope and Change’ insurrection.

    This would assuage conservatives’ concerns that Romney will abandon his GOP primary assurances to embrace more expedient positions. It wouldn’t hurt to add Santorum’s financial backers, grass roots enthusiasts, and media support to the ticket, either.

    This general election will require an “all hands on deck” effort. Romney might consider courting additional supporters by making early overtures to Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich as well. While it might appear unseemly for Romney to initiate what amounts to terms of surrender to his Republican compatriots, given his position of strength, Romney is the one that can and needs to generate the unifying leadership necessary at this crucial time in the history of our Republic. If
    he can’t deliver now, chances are he won’t be able to later on.

    While he is in a unique position of strength, he is also in a unique position of needing to add to that strength by securing the firm, undivided cooperation of his three competitors. They in turn each owe it to their devotees to make an honest assessment of their situations and either join the cause or gracefully bow out.

    We are burning up resources on friendly-fire attack ads, inflicting damage to the Anti-O brand, infecting the support of the electorate, and playing into the hands of those that want to destroy America.

    So what will it be? Personally, I’m a staunch supporter of Santorum,
    but I’m a bigger supporter of NOBAMA!

    Bruce Radcliffe
    Morris, IL ~ 4/3/12