Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Republican Party is at a crossroads. There's a battle going on between the establishment minority, and the conservative majority.

Between the GOP establishment that cares only about its own power. And the conservative majority that wants power returned to the people.

The establishment minority wants us to hold our noses and vote for the Massachusetts moderate. They tell us he is the best man to beat PresidentObama. They tell us he is the best we can do.

    We've been down this road before.

  • In 1976, they gave us Gerald Ford. We got Jimmy Carter.
  • In 1996, they gave us Bob Dole. We got Bill Clinton.
  • In 2008, they gave us John McCain. We got Barak Obama.
Now they're trying sell us Mitt Romney.Don't let them. Not this time.
The establishment does not believe what we believe. They do not see the threats to our freedom, our Constitution and the America we hold dear. They only see a threat to their power. They think they control the Republican Party. But they have a problem.

There are more of us then there are of them.

We the conservative majority can take our party - AND our country - back.
We can return the GOP back to it's core principles. And it's proud heritage.

    Text NOW to 78601 to get breaking alerts, insider info and specific action events in the fight to win back America. Now is the time to choose.

There is no time to waste. We must choose and the choice is clear.

There's only one candidate who's taken on the GOP establishment elites.

Only one man cut taxes, balanced budgets and cut deficits. And got the government out of the way so Americans could do what Americans do best.
Innovate. And create.
And we created 11 million jobs under his leadership.

That man is Newt Gingrich

It's time to get serious. It's time to fight. It's time to let tell the establishment what we really think about them.

It's Time to Choose.

Choose to stand idly by and let America go down the wrong road again.
Stand Up and be heard.

This battle has just begun.Conservatives stand behind the proven conservative who can win back America's future.

Choose to Stand Up. Not Stand By.
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and Beat Barack Obama.
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