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ConservativeHQ Exclusives:

Congress Slaps Down Biden’s Woke 401(k) Raid


By George Rasley, CHQ Editor

Principled limited government constitutional conservative Republican Senator Mike Braun’s challenge to President Biden’s ESG rule that puts woke politics over profits for Americans’ 401(k)s passed the U.S. Senate. Biden's' ESG investing rule will permit money managers to play politics with trillions of dollars of people’s retirement savings, by pushing environmental, social and governance investing, which allows retirement fund managers to select stocks of companies based on their positions on social and environmental issues.


Alliance Defending Freedom + 21 conservative states unite to defend photographer's religious liberty


By CHQ Staff

“Forcing Nelson to create custom speech for a same-sex wedding when she objects to the message that speech conveys is compelled speech, which violates the Free Speech Clause. And forcing her to do the same in violation of her sincerely held religious beliefs without the City adequately showing why it cannot accommodate her, violates Kentucky’s [Religious Freedom Restoration Act],” the brief led by the state of Kentucky, and joined by 20 other states, explains.

More From ConservativeHQ:

The Right Resistance: Divided Trump/DeSantis GOP cannot stand; to become one or the other?

By Jeffrey A. Rendall
With each new entrant into the 2024 GOP field, the questions will continue as to whether Trump will be weakened – or if DeSantis will be strengthened by the growing coalition of those who want to replace the 45th president on the ballot. In the end, the “House” will sort itself out – and more than likely will become all of one or all of the other, just like Lincoln predicted.

GOP Report: Pelosi team directly responsible for J6 security failures

By George Rasley, CHQ Editor
The report making public the Pelosi team's damning internal communications was compiled by Republican Reps. Rodney Davis, Jim Banks, Troy Nehls, Jim Jordan and Kelly Armstrong that encompasses the results of months of investigation they did of evidence that had been ignored by the Democrat-led Jan. 6 committee. The lawmakers were authorized by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy to do their own probe.

Florida Legislation Cancels Democrats For Slavery Support

By George Rasley, CHQ Editor
The Democratic Party adopted pro-slavery positions in their platforms during the conventions of 1840, 1844, 1856, 1860 and 1864, Ingoglia noted. While “Democratic Party” isn’t mentioned in the bill, Florida state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia said that’s his target. The proposed legislation (SB 1248) would switch Democratic voters to no-party voters or give them the option of choosing another party.

The Right Resistance: Vivek Ramaswamy and the new Pete Buttigieg vintage presidential pursuers

By Jeffrey A. Rendall
Time will reveal how far Vivek Ramaswamy’s upstart presidential campaign takes him, and could possibly expose what the virtual unknown’s real motivations were for trying something so far-fetched. Mounting a presidential quest instantly gets one noticed on the national scene and could lead to something much bigger. If you don’t believe it, just ask Pete Buttigieg.

Conservative Leaders Pen Open Letter To House Rules Committee

By CHQ Staff
The conservative leaders who are part of the Conservative Action Project have released an open letter to members of the new GOP led House Rules Committee urging the Committee to stay the course and make good on Speaker McCarthy's promise of an open amendment process and open appropriations process that is inclusive of the rank-and-file Members of the House.

UN Gun Ban Treaty - Biden And Democrats On Board

By George Rasley, CHQ Editor
The Capitol Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to tell them you demand they vote NO on the UN "Small Arms Treaty" or any treaty that purports to contravene the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. Tell them you also demand they oppose any measure that purports to sidestep the two-thirds majority threshold, like the Senate did in their infamous arrangement to approve Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

Today's Headlines:
The Woke Wrecking Machine

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

Almost everything that has followed from the woke mass hysteria gripping the nation since 2020 has proved disastrous. Wokeism has embarrassed itself as never before. Wokeism destroys meritocracy in favor of forced equality of result — history’s prescription for civilizational decline. Someday wokeism will disappear because it is inherently nihilistic and cannibalistic. But in the meantime, Americans should end it now before it ends us first.

Is Secession the Answer to American Disunity?

Doug Bandow, The American Spectator

Secession is impractical and probably could not be achieved without extraordinary difficulty and likely violent conflict. However, that reality requires continuing to search for a means to preserve America as a peaceful and stable home. Federalism, serious and far-reaching, looks to be the best option available. The right time to begin debating this issue is with a divided Congress and the presidency up for grabs — that is, right now in 2023.

The 2024 GOP Primary’s Fredocon Lane

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The GOP Fredos are a bunch of dorky white dudes who all suck and who generally suck in the same way. Where is the diversity? Can’t we have just one differently-abled non-binary lesbian Hindu of color who also thinks that as principled conservatives we are morally obligated to submit to serfdom presided over by our feudal cultural and corporate overlords? Because this GOP subset sausage party of mentally defective losers sure thinks we are.

Is Fox News Inadvertently Responsible for the ‘Trump Bump’ in Polls?
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Fox News and, with it, The New York Post (also, The Wall Street Journal, which was never really with him in the first place) have turned against Trump. This would seem to be a bad thing on its face, but actually may have caused a kind of “reverse English” reaction, alienating much of the network’s base while simultaneously creating sympathy for the former president. Fox is now perceived as being unfair to Trump. Hence, the “reverse English.”
Tuberville bill would defund women's sports programs that allow biological men
Juliegrace Brufke, Washington Examiner (Restoring America

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is set to introduce the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, is slated to be introduced and has more than a dozen GOP co-sponsors. It would ban federal funds from being allocated to entities that permit transgender women to participate in women's sports. The legislation also would codify Title X language stating that “sex shall be recognized based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth.”

Trump Is Heading Back to Iowa on a Mid-March Campaign Stop
M.D. Kittle, The Star News Network
Former President Donald Trump is coming to Iowa. The leading GOP candidate for president will make a campaign stop in the first-in-the-nation caucus state mid-month. Exactly when and where remains unsettled. Trump, who launched his bid for the White House days after November’s midterms, told NewsRadio 1040 WHO talk show host Simon Conway on Tuesday that he would be back in Iowa “very soon." “We’re planning something, but “it’s a little bit cold.”

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