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FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 3, 2023

On the Floor

  • Senator Rubio spoke on the Senate floor, where he outlined the challenges facing our nation and how we can make things right. 

Confronting China 

  • Senator Rubio released a statement slamming the Biden Administration’s rollback of a plan to restrict American investments in critical Chinese industries. 

  • Senator Rubio joined Mornings with Maria , where he discussed the U.S.-China relationship and COVID origins. 

  • In Newsweek , Senator Rubio exposed how American automakers are reliant on Chinese companies for  electric vehicles.


  • Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Vice Chairman Rubio and Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) released a statement following a briefing on the mishandling of classified documents. 

  • Senator Rubio shared his thoughts on the declassified assessment on Havana syndrome.

  • Senator Rubio slammed U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo’s justification of the Biden Administration’s hesitation to ban TikTok.

Spanish Radio Interview

  • Senator Rubio spoke with Nio Fernandez about how the Biden Administration hosted agents of the Cuban Coast Guard and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the recent unclassified report on Havana Syndrome, and much more. 


  • Senator Rubio penned a Spanish op-ed for Diario las Américas on how the derailment of a train in East Palestine, Ohio shows the danger of putting profits over people. 



  • Senator Rubio and Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) sent a letter to President Biden requesting he waive the international vaccine mandate to allow tennis player Novak Djokovic to compete in the Miami Open this month.

In the News

“Rubio questions planned visit by Cuban Border Guard delegation to Washington next week” (Miami Herald , 2/24/2023) 

“"The Biden Administration has demonized pro-life pregnancy centers as part of its pro-abortion crusade. These centers are vital for mothers and new families, and they should be protected from violent attacks," Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said.” (GOP senator's bill would give pro-life pregnancy centers security upgrades amid attacks, Fox News , 2/28/2023)

“Republican senator sounds alarm over US, China war: ‘Conflict’s already here’” (Fox Business , 3/1/2023)

“Florida Senator Marco Rubio Reintroduces Sunshine Protection Act” (WJNO Palm Beach , 3/2/2023)

“Rubio rejects intelligence finding that ‘Havana syndrome’ not linked to foreign adversary” (The Hill , 3/2/2023)

“Rubio reintroduces affordable housing bills to tackle housing issues” (The Hill , 3/2/2023)

“Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Marco Rubio (R-FL), its highest-ranking Republican, both hinted they would step up pressure on the Biden administration after the latest frustration.” (Senate Intel weighs next steps over classified document stonewalling, Washington Examiner , 3/3/2023)

“Rubio Rips Commerce Secretary for Hesitation to Ban TikTok” (Newsmax , 3/2/2023)  

“Rubio: Most Favored Nation Status Gives China an Advantage, It Should End” (Breitbart , 3/1/2023) 

“Senate Republicans and Democrats Propose Rail Safety Bill” (New York Times , 3/1/2023)

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