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Mom Of 2 Dead Sons Condemns Biden Laughing and Mocking Fentanyl Deaths

Rebecca Kiessling, a mother from Michigan who lost two sons to fentanyl poisoning, wiped away tears during a House Homeland Security Committee about the U.S-Mexico border on Capitol Hill. When called out about the skyrocketing overdose rate of ...

CLIMATE HOAX: Biden’s EPA Has Paid Out $1 Billion Into Climate Grants This Year

It's all one giant scam. The climate grift is the greatest political fraud in history.

Back in 1971, the great American political theorist, Ayn Rand, wrote in her book. “The Return of the Primitive” , “It has been reported in the press ...

WATCH: Houston Methodist Reg. Nurse Jennifer Bridges Exposes the Hospital’s Appalling, Fatal Behavior

I don't blame the hospitals as much as I blame the government who took over the medical establishment under Obamacare.

Fmr. Houston Methodist Reg. Nurse Jennifer Bridges Exposes the Hospital's Appalling Behavior

“I've seen text messages, ...

Erasing Women: Hershey’s Goes WOKE, Puts Face Of Trans-Man on Chocolate Bar in Honor of International Women’s Day.

Another thing the leftists and the feminists are stealing from women.

Women must realize: the left is stripping us of everything that is uniquely ours. Women are being robbed.

Motherhood, romance, sports, all being stolen.

Men replacing ...

Cop Killer Was Arrested Last Summer But Democrat Prosecutors Rejected Filing Charges

Chicago police officers are mourning after one of their own was killed in the line of duty Wednesday.

The most basic fundamental role of government is protecting its citizens. That's over. Buy a gun and start a tax rebellion.

Officer Andres ...

American Fighting for Ukraine Defects to Russia, Blows Whistle on Nazism, War Crimes

An American Army veteran who spent a year fighting in Ukraine’s Foreign Legion has defected to Russia, bringing with him tangible evidence and first-hand accounts of widespread Ukrainian Nazism and war crimes.

After Going to War Under False ...

Worldwide COVID Litigation Lawyer Directory

Covid vaccine researcher Steve Kirsh is putting together a public directory for people harmed by Covid mandates and lockdowns.

Liberty Counsel has resources as well here.

Worldwide COVID litigation lawyer directory

Please register here ...

Iran can make fissile material for a bomb ‘in about 12 days’ – US official

The disgraceful Biden Administration scrapped President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran, and replaced it with maximum appeasement. This is the result. The only question is when will Israel bomb Iran's nuclear facilities? Not much ...

America First: Trump Presents Anti-Globalist Trade Policy Agenda That Will End Dependence on China

President Trump is the only candidate with a proven track record of successfully fighting China. Trump is also the best candidate to take on the Globalists, Iran, North Korea, the Left et. al. Watch below. #Trump2024!

#Agenda47: ...


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