Saturday, April 2, 2022



The most important stories of the week are right here: The week got started with a "bang" when John MacArthur charged the stage at Lakewood Church to slap Joel Osteen in the face! Woah! Will Smith slapped a guy too, and we'll show you how the story was covered by 14 different new outlets. 

PLUS: Teachers are really mad that they can't talk to your kindergartener about sex, CNN+ announces exciting new shows, Jen Psaki retires, we show all you poor folks how to survive inflation, and finally apologize for our hateful transphobic headline:

It's The Babylon Bee Week in Review!

John MacArthur Charges Lakewood Church Stage To Slap Joel Osteen

HOUSTON, TX—Enthralled onlookers at Lakewood Church in Houston watched this Sunday as a surprise guest marched onstage: John MacArthur...  Read more

Having difficulty staying afloat in today's rapidly changing economic landscape? Duke Geralt LéMaster provides some insightful tips to help you cope in these trying times.

How To Survive Inflation If You're A Pathetic Poor Person

Here's How 14 Different News Outlets Covered The Will Smith Slap

Elijah Criticized By Israel For 'Unloving Satire' Toward The Prophets Of Baal

Are You A Man? 12 Signs To Look For

Teachers Who Insist They're Not Teaching Your Kid About Sex Also Weirdly Outraged By Ban On Teaching Your Kid About Sex

Desperate CNN+ Just Added These 13 New Shows

Rat Colony Beneath D.C. Disgusted To Find City Infested With Politicians

White House Announces Jen Psaki Will Be Replaced By Grima Wormtongue

Rachel Levine Is 100% Woman And We Are Sorry For Calling Her A Man

Dad With Stomach Flu Pens Last Will And Testament On Bathroom Floor

Under Florida Law Bengay Forced To Rebrand As Benstraight


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