Saturday, April 2, 2022



Weekend Edition, April 2-3, 2022

Ex-Leftist Tells All

Tom Woods

The Conscience of French Medicine

Ira Katz

Why 80% Is Good Enough

Allan Stevo

Was Covid Vaccine Fetal Tissue Obtained by the Murder of an Infant?

Jon Rappoport

As ‘Death by Fauci’ Plays Out Across America

Stefan Stanford

What Seeing the War in Syria Taught Me About US/Western Government and Media Propaganda

Janice Kortkamp

Meet the New, Resource-Based Global Reserve Currency

Pepe Escobar

Eastern Symphony Becomes Subservience

Bionic Mosquito

‘Cashless Society’ Would Leave Millions Struggling

Peter Caddle

Meanwhile: The Fed’s Golf Gaffe

Matt Taibbi

When Lions Roar

The Good Citizen

United States To Ban Real Meat

Dr. Joseph Mercola

LRC Blog

Political Theatre

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