Saturday, April 2, 2022




  1. NIH Admits it ‘Suppressed’ Wuhan Lab Genetic Data, but Disputes Watchdog’s ‘Deleted’ Label 5 hours ago
  2. After setbacks, House Republicans finishing strong on redistricting 5 hours ago
  3. VP Harris: Biden WH ‘Not Into Regime Change’ in Russia 5 hours ago
  4. Cook Political Report: ‘Both sides see the possibility of a Red Tsunami in 2022’ 5 hours ago
  5. More than 400 Yale Students Sign Letter Against Alliance Defending Freedom Appearing on Campus 6 hours ago
  6. Organized retail theft needs stricter penalties, US Chamber of Commerce tells Congress 6 hours ago
  7. Chuck Todd FREAKS When Republican Calls Out Media Refusing to Cover Hunter Biden Scandal 6 hours ago
  8. A Chinese Influence Group Tied To Bill Gates Wants To Collaborate With American Agriculture Officials. 6 hours ago
  9. Ukrainian Mi-24 Attack Helicopters Fly Daring Cross-Border Strike On Russia: Reports (Updated) 6 hours ago
  10. A Roadmap for a Stronger Defense Strategy 6 hours ago
  11. Biden tightens fuel standards for new cars and trucks: 49 mpg by model-year 2026 6 hours ago
  12. Ukraine will soon be able to better protect its skies ‑envoy to Japan Click here to see original article 6 hours ago
  13. In About-Face, Army Expects to Shrink Next Year 6 hours ago
  14. China’s Plans for Global Hegemony: One Overseas Base at a Time 6 hours ago
  15. Putin May Collect $321 Billion Windfall If Oil and Gas Keep Flowing 6 hours ago
  16. Median home prices hit record $405K in US: report 6 hours ago
  17. Newt Gingrich — Progress in Georgia 6 hours ago
  18. Amazon warehouse in New York votes to unionize in historic first 6 hours ago
  19. A Win for American Workers: The Senate Rejects David Weil 6 hours ago
  20. It doesn’t matter if Putin was misled: What counts is making sure he loses 6 hours ago
  21. The Sudden Biden Epiphany at the Washington Post 6 hours ago
  22. Democrats have a silly double standard for Clarence Thomas and Joe Biden 6 hours ago
  23. Zelenskyy to Fox News: Ukraine ‘will not accept any outcome’ besides ‘victory’ 6 hours ago
  24. Joe Biden’s Next Economic Crisis: A Recession? 6 hours ago
  25. Experts: Will Smith Is ‘Damaged Goods,’ His Brand ‘Forever Tarnished’ 6 hours ago
  26. Will Smith Resigns From Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Following His Slapping Of Chris Rock During The Oscars 6 hours ago
  27. Richard Dreyfuss: Woke Will Kill America 6 hours ago
  28. Whoopi Bitter When Confronted with Hollywood’s Elitism, Moral Hypocrisy 6 hours ago
  29. Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz claims she has PTSD from mean tweets 6 hours ago
  30. Jeff Bridges Shares Update On Lymphoma Diagnosis, Announces He’s Feeling “Terrific” After His Cancer Went Into Remission Last Year 6 hours ago
  31. The Bruce Willis Film His Die-Hard Fans Overlooked 6 hours ago
  32. Hope Solo arrested for DWI; lawyer says ‘story is more sympathetic than the initial charges suggest’ 6 hours ago
  33. New Iran Nuclear Deal Could Allow Iranian Terrorists Into U.S. 6 hours ago
  34. Tom Hanks to throw first pitch at Cleveland Guardians home opener 6 hours ago
  35. USA draws Group B, will face England in World Cup 2022 6 hours ago
  36. Drag racing returns to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for NHRA Four-Wide Nationals 6 hours ago
  37. World’s Largest Chemical Giant Warns of ‘Total Collapse’ If Putin Cuts Off Gas Supply 6 hours ago
  38. Top Economist Declares Globalization Is ‘Over’ Thanks to Ukraine War 6 hours ago
  39. Jacob deGrom will miss significant time with shoulder injury 6 hours ago



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