Saturday, April 2, 2022


 Submitted by: J Cryots

The crap is hitting the fan from the non-teachers in public schools, it will explode !!!

"Baltimore parents sue city after student graduates high school not being able to read; shocking number of students have failing GPAs"

"Two parents in Baltimore, Maryland, have filed a lawsuit against their city and its school district in response to shocking reports about the progressive city's abject failure to educate children.

Earlier this year, local news outlet WBFF-TV highlighted the story of a woman who graduated from the Baltimore City Public Schools system without being able to read. The outlet also found a whopping 77% of high schoolers at one area high school were reading at an elementary level. Another report discovered that in the past year, 41% of BCPS high school students earned below a 1.0 grade point average.

"This is terrible," Jovani Patterson said at the time after hearing about the reports. "This is just further perpetuating a cycle of poverty, of despair."

(This will spread very rapidly through the country as parents too blind to see what's happening keep trusting the public indoctrination centers) !!!

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