Wednesday, July 11, 2018

NEWS WITH VIEWS 07/11/2018

We Live In A Lying, Lustful, Larcenous Fantasy World Of Illusion

History is not the truth. History is some person or group of persons' perception of the truth, colored by individual biases and life experiences and usually based on too little information. Much of history is so lacking in detail as to render its depiction as nothing more than an outright distortion, or half-truth. Nevertheless, we accept it as truth and pass it on to others verbally or in writing, even though the conclusions drawn there from are most likely inaccurate at best and maybe totally false at worst..........
by Ron Ewart.

Soldiers Of The Cross - Who The Real And Counterfeits Are

Before I begin, I need to make clear that the best leaders are the best followers, and that of the Christ (John 14:6). With that said, Isn't it funny how things work in this world, it seems like when you do the wrong thing before God and man, somehow people seem to give it a pass.  Yet, when you begin to do the right things and obey God and love man according to the Word of God, all of a sudden, the world acts like you're doing something wrong.........
by Bradlee Dean

How Do You Choose A Supreme Court Nominee? Ask Hamilton

Like every other branch of American Government, the Supreme Court is not without its heroes and zeros.  However, the Central Judiciary was a desperately needed piece added to the Constitution in Article Three after a season of no Federal judiciary during the time of the Articles of Confederation, America’s first Constitution.........
by Jake MacAulay

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