Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Merkel fires back after Trump’s harsh scolding at breakfast

Planned Parenthood NYC wants to protect your ‘Freedom to F*ck.’ New ad campaign is shocking.

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Indignant Joy Behar: ‘How dare’ Trump be allowed to nominate SCOTUS when he’s under Mueller probe

Trump admin kicking unions out of free govt. office spaces: Pay rent or get out.

In bizarre twist, Ocasio-Cortez just won ANOTHER primary

Elderly Hispanic man beaten with brick blamed on white pro-Trumpers. Nevermind that the perp is …

Melania Trump kicks off NATO week in elegant heels, double take on the Louboutins

Berkeley yearbook photos catch Kamala Harris is one whopper of a lie

Controversy over border children DNA tests. Who’s footing the bill?

Fmr basketball star posts heartbreaking video before suicide to help others in pain: ‘I am sorry, Lord’

Twitter troll takes aim at Meghan McCain’s bountiful breasts, but she knew exactly what to say

General Flynn’s sentencing delayed again as calls ramp up for Trump to pardon. What’s going on here?

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Sarah Palin rips ‘truly sick’ comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who ‘duped’ her by imitating a wounded vet

Business Insider takes down Conservative column about Scarlett Johansson after employees revolt

Trump lays down law, says pay up now, at testy NATO breakfast: ‘Germany is totally controlled by Russia’

Kansas city councilwoman bites corrections officer’s thumb so hard, it breaks bone

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