Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Trump lays down law, says pay up now, at testy NATO breakfast: ‘Germany is totally controlled by Russia’

‘Fill in the blank’ opposition: DNC puts Kavanaugh photo on attack propaganda … only it’s not him

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Ex-FBI lovebird Lisa Page decides to defy Congressional subpoena

Border Patrol says de Blasio crossed US-Mexico border illegally, breaking laws in both countries

Kansas city councilwoman bites corrections officer’s thumb so hard, it breaks bone

What Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination means for Roe v. Wade

Trump is cutting off big labor from skimming Americans’ Medicaid payments and unions are furious

NBC reporter hawks nutty Kennedy retirement theory implying collusion with White House

Kavanaugh went against net neutrality rules as DC judge. What will this mean for Supreme cases?

‘People will die’: Yale students, faculty worry about death toll with Kavanaugh … but only of adults

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Trump hits two more countries with VISA sanctions for refusing to take back deportees

Pompeo and elite team to meet with new Mexican President-elect

House Freedom Caucus is standing by Jim Jordan

Juan Williams takes a beating in heated ‘The Five’ segment, accuses Hannity of ‘running the presidency’

Dems are starting to worry Elizabeth Warren may not have the chops to take on Trump in 2020

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