Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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Subject: Operation Streamline, San Diego USBP Rapidly Prosecuting I.A.'s

Submitted By: Jeff Schwilk
Operation Streamline is up and running in San Diego as of yesterday.  Border hoppers are now being rapidly prosecuted for their crimes.  Yes, it is a criminal offense to enter the U.S. without permission. 
Fresh-caught aliens are brought into court – 6-8 at a time and sentenced on the spot (normally to time served) and ordered deported.  If they come back, they can be prosecuted for felony re-entry.  Once word of this tough new policy spreads to Mexico and Central America, illegal crossings should greatly reduce.  Crossing were already down in June.  This policy is long overdue.    
Foreign criminals (aka illegal aliens) should be immediately convicted and deported home, with all their children, period.  Zero tolerance is the law!
EXCERPTS:   A total of 41 illegal aliens who were arrested over the weekend were seen during the initial hearing.  But this was no ordinary arraignment.
More than half of the defendants — all of whom were dressed in the same clothes they were arrested in over the weekend — took the government’s offer to plead guilty and be sentenced immediately.  Most received sentences of time served and will be quickly remanded to immigration custody to be deported.
The fast-track program is one way San Diego’s federal court has decided to adjudicate the influx of border crossing cases under the government’s “zero tolerance” policy, which went into effect in May.  The policy to criminally prosecute all illegal border entry cases operates under the notion that a criminal conviction serves as a stronger deterrent than just a civil deportation order. 
The judge (U.S. Magistrate Judge Jill Burkhardt) listened to the objections but denied motions to dismiss any cases.  She ran the courtroom sternly, and several times she brusquely chastised defense attorneys against repeating objections that had already been raised.
When it was time to take their pleas, she asked each defendant a version of the same question: “On July 6, did you walk from Mexico into the United States?”
“Yes,” each replied.
“Did you pick a place to cross to try to avoid immigration officers?” she continued.
“Yes,” they answered.
“Were you a citizen of the United States?”
Then the judge gave each defendant a chance to speak before sentencing.  Some took her up on the opportunity, while others let their attorneys speak for them.  What unfolded were stories of economic desperation that led many to come to the U.S. (ILLEGALLY!)
…A few defendants were sentenced to terms of 30 or 60 days due to their prior crossing records and criminal history.
Jeff Schwilk
Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders
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