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UPDATE: Montana and Wyoming ICBM Silo's Being Re-Activated?

Submitted by: David Bertrand


It appears (our) assessment as to why we are seeing many new faces in this small town, numerous government vehicles and one female  C.I.A. agent is a combination of re-arming de-commissioned missile silos and keeping tabs on the locals in-order to counter (other) new faces that might be rogue foreign agents here to disrupt their operation....or to keep corporate media away.

If you have been following the Bertrand Daily's obvious that North Korea is not the only threat, but could be the catalyst to WWIII with China and even Russia. Research how WWI began and why, you will discover it was far less threatening in the beginning, but because of the "Domino Effect" the allied countries were locked with each other under treaties.

From our own "Network" Amanda has discovered this....

"At just before 5pm MST I saw a semi-truck with an open trailer covered by a blue tarp leaving the first missle site you encounter after exiting I-15 towards Valier on the north side of Valierroad.  There were also 4-5 white or blue trucks present.  All but two vehicles (one white truck, one blue truck) left as I was driving past."

Note: Her "Open Trailer" description is likely a "Flat Bed" used to carry a missile. 


Subject: Montana and Wyoming ICBM Silo's Being Re-Activated?

Friends and Associates:

Our friend Jean in Arizona has provided extensive evidence of a potential effort by technical teams to re-arm and bring back into service the 200 plus ICBM Missile Silo's in Montana and surrounding states.

An analyst on the Hannity Show last week stated, "if North Korea launches on the United States, he could face over 200 nukes launched from underground silos in Montana, Wyoming...etc."

A number (Jean discovered) of active underground nukes versus what was de-commissioned are listed below...

My theory is......the government figures a much more growing threat than North Korea alone. CHINA

The "Open Skies" treaty between Russia and the United States, signed into law by George H.W. Bush in 1992, allows both Russia and the U.S. to spy on each other's military and government installations without impunity. Forget the many spy satellites that can take a pic of a golf ball from a vantage point in space, but why not do it up close and personal by flying a spy plane at a low altitude over Washington D.C. when a private pilot in a Cessna 172 would spend the next 10 years in prison for such an act?

Is Putin sending a message this past week by sending an airliner (no less), with alleged spy monitoring equipment, over Washington D.C. and Camp David, but also where President Trump is vacationing in New Jersey. Ya think he's pissed about the sanctions??

A foolish treaty by Bush has not been addressed and most Americans have no clue this stuff is going-on. Is it any wonder why some reports say that ICBM underground silos in Wyoming, Dakota's and Montana have been "de-commissioned" or have they? A recent Hannity Show guest briefly stated that we have underground ICBM silos ready for North Korea. The closest one to where I'm located is only 3 miles away and covered with weeds. No Russian spy planes ever reported flying around out here, but lurking nearby in the very small town (I am at for the summer), it seems the C.I.A. has an interest here and hanging around.

---Dave Bertrand

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Hi Dave,
I emailed a friend of mine who lives in Whitehall, MT to see what she has seen in her part of the state.  I’ll let you know what she has to say.  I was also poking around on the internet and found some interesting information.  You may already have seen it but I thought I’d send it anyway.
ICBM Missile Silos - Montana
Bryan Construction Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colo.,
Scott Bryan, President/CEO of Bryan Construction is a member of SAME (Society of American Military Engineers) and the headquarters of SAME and the training facility is located in Alexandria, VA.  So this may be a big leap in dot connecting, but what if Scott Bryan’s company was sent in to “deactivate and destroy the silos” but also were the ones who moved the ICBMs to another location say in Colorado Springs, Colorado (where they are based) to perhaps Cheyenne Mountain or some other military installation?

Last of deactivated Malmstrom missile silos eliminated

Jenn Rowell,Aug. 6, 2014 | Updated 2:01 p.m. MT Aug. 6, 2014
The last of the deactivated intercontinental ballistic missile silos operated by Malmstrom Air Force Base were eliminated Tuesday.  The silos were previously activated by the 564th Missile Squadron, which was deactivated in 2008.  Under New START, a nuclear arms-reduction treaty with Russia, those empty silos counted as nondeployed missile launchers. New START, which was ratified in 2011, limits the U.S. and Russia to 800 nondeployed launchers.
To meet that, the U.S. was required to eliminate 103 deactivated ICBM silos, including the 50 at Malmstrom, by February 2018.  The final 10 silos that were eliminated have entered a 60-day observation period to allow Russia to verify their elimination.  Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson was visiting Malmstrom this week with his wife and watched as the last silo was eliminated Tuesday.
The last silo to be eliminated was Launch Facility T-49, located about 25 miles west of Conrad, according to Malmstrom. Contractors used heavy machinery to bury the site’s 110-ton launcher closure door and fill the launch tube with dirt, rendering it unusable as a missile launch site, according to Malmstrom.
The initial phase of elimination began in January.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Air Force Civil Engineering Center selected Bryan Construction Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colo., as the demolition contractor.  The silos were eliminated by filling them with earth and gravel. Gravel fill is a more effective and environmentally friendly method of elimination that’s also faster and more economical than those used under the original START treaty. The work doesn’t pose any threat to public safety or the environment, according to Malmstrom officials.
The second phase began July 21 when concrete caps were poured over the first 40 launchers that had completed the first phase, according to Rick Bialczak, 341st treaty compliance office chief.  The completion of all Phase II work will take several months, according to Malmstrom. The sites will remain in caretaker status by the 341st Civil Engineer Squadron until the final disposition of the properties is determined.
New START also limits deployed launchers to 700 across ICBM fields, submarines and bomber aircraft.  The Pentagon announced in April it would retain all 450 ICBM silos operated by the Air Force, including the 150 at Malmstrom.  The Air Force will remove missiles from 50 silos, but keep them in a warm status, meaning they can be rearmed at any time.  (so where are they being stored?)
According to defense officials, the expectation is that the empty silos will be distributed among the three missile wings and will rotate depending on maintenance and operational needs.
Just some of my thoughts on a slow Friday morning!  J
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