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Bertrand Daily Report 
The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (August 10th, 2017)

Ed Note: The "Open Skies" treaty between Russia and the United States, signed into law by George H.W. Bush in 1992, allows both Russia and the U.S. to spy on each other's military and government installations without impunity. Forget the many spy satellites that can take a pic of a golf ball from a vantage point in space, but why not do it up close and personal by flying a spy plane at a low altitude over Washington D.C. when a private pilot in a Cessna 172 would spend the next 10 years in prison for such an act?

Is Putin sending a message this past week by sending an airliner (no less), with alleged spy monitoring equipment, over Washington D.C. and Camp David, but also where President Trump is vacationing in New Jersey. Ya think he's pissed about the sanctions??

A foolish treaty by Bush has not been addressed and most Americans have no clue this stuff is going-on. Is it any wonder why some reports say that ICBM underground silos in Wyoming, Dakota's and Montana have been "de-commissioned" or have they? A recent Hannity Show guest briefly stated that we have underground ICBM silos ready for North Korea. The closest one to where I'm located is only 3 miles away and covered with weeds. No Russian spy planes ever reported flying around out here, but lurking nearby in the very small town (I am at for the summer), it seems the C.I.A. has an interest here and hanging around.

No...I don't speak Russian, and yes, I have communicated with Roger Stone, accused by the Dems as a Russian collaborator, and yes I'm very critical about the "Deep State," but come on...what's the big deal?

A female C.I.A. agent in a maroon SUV has been active this week, moving around here and there and how do I know?

Her vehicle is transmitting a signature signal and has given her away, along with a resident that watches for unusual activity in this small town of 800 residents. I have long range WiFi capability and with my parabolic antenna (outside) I can detect signals and guess what showed-up on my screen? The tag..."C.I.A. Surveillance_Van_Ext" CH6 (2437 MHz) WPA2-PSK AES.

We suspect it's from the only government vehicle in town with government plates with a female driver, of whom sat for a few hours in front of an abandoned business yesterday, has since showed-up again on my screen this morning at exactly 9amLangley Virginia time (to check-in?)...beginning with an 8% signal, to 37% and now 48%, which was the signal strength yesterday. Therefore, we's not a fake label for a computer router to deter anyone from hacking, but a moving signal. So...why is the C.I.A. domestically spying? Is the government about to mow the weeds in and around the ICBM silo nearby and someone in Washington is worried? Or is it worse....the "Deep State" pulling for straws?

If you agent lady are monitoring, join us Friday night at the only bar in town and I will buy you a drink and tell you why you need to clean yourself from the "Deep State," the swamp is very filthy since the Obama regime.
---Dave Bertrand

CIA documents raise questions about spy agency's domestic data collection

Under 12333, the CIA can also collect intelligence on people and organizations in the US as long as it is "incidentally acquired information." That has the ACLU and other privacy advocates worried.

"We know that EO 12333 is one of the NSA’s most important surveillance authorities, and that the agency relies on EO 12333 to conduct bulk surveillance abroad that sweeps up vast quantities of Americans’ communications," says Ashley Gorski, a fellow at the ACLU's National Security Project. "Although we don’t know the extent of the CIA's involvement in these dragnets, the CIA is no stranger to bulk collection." 

Indeed, The Wall Street Journal reported in January 2014 that the CIA maintains a database of information on Americans’ international money transfers under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Three months later, it also revealed that the CIA provided technical support for a US Marshals program that tracked suspects by mounting devices that simulate cellphone towers onto low-flying airplanes – scanning thousands of Americans’ cellphones in the process.

One document – a memorandum of understanding between the CIA and the FBI – contains a section regulating how the CIA can target US persons that is almost entirely redacted – as is a section detailing when and how the FBI can share information with the CIA and all of a one-page document titled "Collection Rules."

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Russian Air Force jet flies over Pentagon, Capitol, CIA... (D.B.: 'Open Skies' a G.H.W.B blunder?) 


The attack reportedly left two people with serious health problems.
10 Minutes Ago

Travel along with Iraqi elite counter terrorism forces as they go from neighborhood to neighborhood in Mosul.
53 Minutes Ago

Air Force B-1B bombers
North Korea recently threatened the U.S. territory of Guam.
11 Hours Ago

North Korea rally
The communist nation's military added "only absolute force" would work on Trump.

France Soldiers Attacked
French authorities arrested a man shortly after the incident that injured six soldiers.

Gender Pay Gap
A cafe in Melbourne, Australia, is giving male customers a taste of gender equality with their lattes.
August 08, 2017 02:55 PM EDT


Is The Global Stock Rally Hitting A Wall?

A key global equity index is testing potentially major resistance...

Trump Feud With McConnell Escalates: "Can You Believe He Couldn't Get It Done?"

"Can you believe that Mitch McConnell, who has screamed Repeal & Replace for 7 years, couldn't get it done. Must Repeal & Replace ObamaCare!"

Trump Provokes China Again, Sends Another Destroyer To South China Sea

A US Navy destroyer sailed within 12 miles of an artificial island built by China in the South China Sea on Thursday, a "provocation" that threatens another angry response from the Chinese government and further complicating President Donald Trump’s efforts to align the Communist Party in his pursuit to find a diplomatic resolution to the North Korean crisis.

OPEC Oil Output Jumps To HIghest In 2017 As Production Cut Compliance Slides

A surge in LIbyan oil production in July sent total OPEC output higher by 172.6kbpd last month to 32.87mmbpd, the highest monthly production this year, as Saudi production also hit a 2017 high of 10.067mmbpd, up 31.8kbpd on the month the latest OPEC monthly market report revealed.

World Markets Slide Spooked By Latest N.Korea Statement; Dollar, Gold, Oil Jump

European and Asian market and S&P futures have resumed their slide, as geopolitical tensions between North Korea and the U.S. spiked again overnight after Pyongyang responded to the latest set of warnings by Trump, revealing a plan to fire 4 ballistic missiles at Guam by mid-August. Gold gains for a third day while Brent rose above $53.

A "Furious" North Korea Threatens "Simultaneous Strike" On Guam By Mid-August

An "infuriated" North Korea said that President Trump's warning of "fire and fury" if it threatens the U.S. is a "load of nonsense", warned that "only absolute force" can work on someone as "bereft of reason" as Trump, and vowed to continue plans to nuke Guam.

Venezuela: Dictatorship, Collapse, And Consequence

"What's happening in Venezuela is a microcosm of the socialist cancer in action... It is not some self-contained rarity, it is the common and predictable outcome of a society based on collectivist servitude and false promises of equality."



USA Today predicts: ‘You Will Get Chipped – Eventually’
In the aftermath of a Wisconsin firm embedding microchips in employees last week to ditch company badges and corporate logons, the Internet has entered into full-throated debate. Religious activists are so appalled, they’ve been penning nasty 1-star reviews of the company, Three Square Market, on Google, Glassdoor and social media.
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Fake companies in Jordan buy land in occupied West Bank for Jewish settlers

A local official revealed on Tuesday that a network of fake companies based in Jordan has been established in order to buy Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank for Jewish settlers, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed has reported. The settlers, it is claimed, are from the settlement of Amona, which Israel also regarded as illegal; and evacuated earlier this year.
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This Military Surveillance Plane Has Been Circling Seattle For Weeks And Nobody Knows Why

For the past two weeks the residents of Seattle have been witnessing a very strange occurrence. Day after day, a nondescript aircraft has been flying circles over their city, and the government hasn’t fully explained why it’s in the area. It’s been identified as a CN-235, and it’s only marking is an Air Force serial number. What we do know about the aircraft is that it is decked out with highly advanced surveillance equipment.
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Trump laid out his strategy for North Korea…in 1999 (VIDEO)

In the interview, Russert asks Trump about North Korea’s weapons programs. Trump then lays out the very crisis scenario now transpiring between the US and North Korea, and how he would deal with it, were he president. Like many interviews with Trump on political issues over the years, it reveals a remarkable consistency in the man’s thinking and positions over the decades – a far cry from the MSM caricature of Trump as flip flopping and reckless.
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From Coke To Coors: Philly Soda Tax Leading To Alcoholism As Beer Now Cheaper Than Soda

In a shocking development, the Philadelphia soda tax is a big fucking fail. Who could have predicted that. Democrat government drones and their brain dead minions are so desperate for money to fund their gold plated union pensions and bloated salaries, they lie, cheat and tax the poor into oblivion. Result: lost jobs, further impoverished poor people, no help for children, more closed businesses, and a further hole in the city budget. But at least the city union workers can keep their gold plated pensions – for now. Maff is hard for liberals, but it always wins in the end.
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Venezuela: Dictatorship, Collapse, And Consequence

If you want to outline the numerous failures of ideological and economic socialism, just name any socialist nation and you are sure to uncover an endless supply of examples. In fact, many countries where socialism is not total but making considerable inroads often suffer from severe decline — the U.S. being one of them. Whatever socialism touches it destroys, because forced interdependency does not work. It is a broken concept with no large scale successes (this includes China, which suffers from considerable poverty and a totalitarian government despite it being the most successful garbage economy out of a host of other garbage economies). Yet, proponents of socialism keep trying again and again claiming that "this time is different."
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Coincidence? Military Industrial Complex Hit Highest Stock Prices Ever as Govt Hypes North Korea War

Feckless boasts of military might and icy vows to annihilate one another might not necessarily prove war between the U.S., North Korea, and their allies is nigh, but the monumental increase in stocks of weapons and defense manufacturers — the economic fingerprints a preparation for a colossal military endeavor — just might. “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” President Trump railed yesterday. “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”
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Mo Brooks to Trump: 'Reconsider Endorsement' of Luther Strange

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