Thursday, August 10, 2017


Far-Left Magazine says the DNC wasn’t Hacked, Emails were Leaked

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Actor James Franco Proves Abortion Defenders Wrong on the “Morality” of Abortion

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Trump Offends Leftists, General Mattis Backs Him Up

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Guam’s Governor Praises President Trump’s Tough Talk on North Korea 
FBI more Aggressive in Investigation of Trump Team than they Ever were of Hillary 
When Words Can Kill 
Here’s the Five Biggest Screw-Ups from the New York Times this Year 
The Sbarro Bombing 16 Years Later: Remembering the Violent Muslim Threat We Face 
Democrats Unify on Pot Legalization 
The End of Strategic Patience 
Japan Prepared to Blast NK Rockets Out of The Sky to Protect Guam 
Mueller’s FBI Raid Overreach Lambasted By Trump Attorney 
Judge Tells State Department to “Try Again” in Search for Benghazi Emails 

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Liberal Resistance to President Trump Takes Strange, Inflatable Shape 
Russian Jet Takes to D.C. Skies Thanks To 90’s Era Agreement 
Dutch Airlines Messes Up the LGBTQ Narrative 
News You Can Use for August 10, 2017 
ACLU Stands Up For Milo in Free Speech Advertising Suit 
Turncoat McConnell Blames Trump’s Ambition For Do-Nothing Congress 
Google on Receiving End of Massive Gender Wage-Gap Lawsuit 
Terror Strikes Paris Again as BMW Mows Down Soldiers in “Deliberate Act” 
BREAKING: U.S. Diplomats Left With “Symptoms” After “Incident” at Cuban Embassy 
‘The Simpsons’ Prescient Mockery of Social Justice Insanity 
Trump Spokesman Mocks North Korea, Calls them a “Paper Tiger” 
Ambassador Nikki Haley Forced to “Twist some Arms” but Gets China and Russia to Condemn North Korea 
Insurers Bet the Bad Won’t Happen, so Why Don’t We? Governments Can’t Fix Everything 
Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” Sunk by Reality 
Climate Change Alarmists Embrace 1984’s Newspeak 

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