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The globalist financial elites unleashed their full onslaught of total war against the American people and the American people’s duly elected president this first week of August of 2017, a week that will be remembered as long as this world endures.

The globalist financial elites are telling the American people that under no circumstances are the people allowed to choose their own leader.  This is facially
obvious to EVERY American at this point.  AsAmerica’sanchorman said on Monday,
August 7, 2017, “the Washington establishment [are] willing to invalidate
an election.  They are willing to say that an election doesn’t matter if it goes against their wishes, that an election is unacceptable.” 

Further, the globalist financial elites are telling the American people that under NO circumstances are they to object to the plan that those same elites have to
utterly annihilate the American people—the good hearted, kind and decent American people—and end our constitutional republic.  They are openly telling us
as they have for decades now, that we stand in the way of their longstanding, carefully orchestrated and planned end of human freedom on this planet

The American people were hit this week by a thundering and brutal assault on our consciousness as the full dimensions, power, and malevolent evil of the Mueller-led coup was unleashed and disclosed to the general public.  We are also witnessing the full deployment in all of its awesome, fearsome nature, of the form of total warfare known as lawfare (alsohere, and here)—a form of warfare developed and utilized to subject a population to the brutal dictates and total control of the globalist financial elites and their stooges, toadies, operatives, and agents, by use of the legal system. 

In doing so this week, the coup plotters remind of nothing more than the prophets and heralds ofstrategic bombing --- the sick and sadistic psychopaths who have repeatedly, for more than a century, argued and advocated for the wholesale raining down of terror and destruction from the skies onto defenseless and hence terrified and brutally harmed civilian populations.  This, these prophets and heralds have endlessly proclaimed, will end the war—often, the wholly lawless and unjustified war that those same prophets and heralds had also advocated for—because the terror and pain and suffering inflicted on the innocent and defenseless civilian population will break their will to resist.

These people are so twisted, and so crave and live for the suffering of the innocents, that they never ask whether their unspeakably evil policies and strategies even work.  Strategicbombing doesn’t work to break the will of civilian populations, despite the vast devastation, suffering and terror it inflicts, as countless studies by fair and sober minded military strategists have concluded—and have concluded for countless decades.  And this Mueller and “resistance”-led onslaught of terror and brutality against the American people won’t work either.

* * *

Just this past week, the coup plotters rolled out through carefully coordinated and planned press reports and public statements by coup-collaborating public officials a series of massive blows on the consciousness of the American people—and on the general public’s deeply held and enduring belief that the American people’s voice is determinative in whom they will choose as president.  The American people are incorrect in that belief, our brutal and imperious overlords inform us: 

As you, the American people, were so incautious and reckless to vote the way you wanted to, and not as we, repeatedly, and ever more insistently, told you to do so lastNovember 8, this president will not be allowed to fully take office, and will be removed from office, by any means necessary—and removed from office soon. 

This is the message the American people have been told this week by the deep state coup plotters, led by the lawless and criminal Mueller parallel justice department that has materialized out of nowhere without any basis or jurisdiction or purpose other than to bring down the duly elected president.  

And once the globalist financial elites through their deep state coup plotters and affiliated stooges, operatives, toadies and agents bring down the duly elected president, they will then swiftly proceed to administer severe and certain punishment to the American people for the unthinkable offense they have committed in challenging and questioning their overlords and masters.  

As noted by Alex Jones this past Friday, August 4, the plan of the globalist financial elites is that “Trump’s going to be removed suddenly from office [and] when they make their move on Trump, they’ll make it on everybody.” (from 25:25 – 26:10 here).

All of these messages this past week—actions, programming of the public consciousness largely through the media and public statements by officials—were carefully scripted and planned together, with full read in and complicity by all senior coup planners and plotters.

The good Mr. Mueller, in a fully authorized and planned “leak” from his lawless and criminal parallel justice department, let the American people know he had impaneled a criminal grand jury in the District of Columbia (where 92%of the citizens voted for Clinton and only 4% for Trump—a fact the coup plotters made sure to be known as further, taunting evidence that the process is rigged and resistance is futile). 

The message this past week to the American people was explicit and express—Mueller will be the mechanism of removing Mr. Trump from office.  That is, if the coup plotters do not decide to remove Mr. Trump by some form of executive action first.

The coup plotters and affiliated stooges, agents and operatives of the globalist financial elites have made it crystal clear to the American people in the past several weeks that they are considering using executive action to remove our duly elected president from office if they believe they cannot wait for their planned (and they believe to be) rigged in their favor impeachment process.  They are telling the American people that they will engage in executive action, as they did with JFK, at their sole election and without any recourse or objection from the American people.

* * *

The twitter account of Mr. Seth Abramson, aptly named, in an astonishing series of hundreds of tweets from the day the Mueller DC grand jury was announced, Thursday, August 3, on through the weekend—provided a series of disclosures that appear to have been clearly and expressly authorized by Mr. Mueller and his lawless parallel justice department and the senior coup planners as part of the coup script in its shock and awe phase. Those tweets included the following, much of which has been corroborated and amplified in a series of other disclosures, public statements and actions, and media programming this past week by covert deep state coup operatives and other collaborating stooges and agents of the globalist financial elites: 

(1)   Mueller’s lawless and criminal parallel justice department is a juggernaut of criminal investigators and the most skilled, unprincipled and ruthless government lawyers experienced in prosecutions of high ranking defendants, with a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia seeking to identify criminal charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (removed in an evidence free gambit facilitated by covert coup participant Mr. Mike Pence in the earlier stages of the coup), and Mueller himself overseeing a team of more than 40 attorneys, investigators and staff working in DC itself (see here,herehere);

(2)   Mueller has major “squads” or teams that are targeting, among other areas, financial crimes, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, collusion, and former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort himself (see hereherehere);

(3)   Mueller and team already plan multiple serious felony indictments of Mr. Trump, his son in law and administration senior advisor Jared Kushner, Manafort, and Flynn (see herehere,herehereherehere) (note there’s an open question whether a sitting president can be indicted, but all of this brutality and force is directed at one objective and one objective alone—removing Mr. Trump from office, by any means necessary);

(4)   Mueller and his vast and ruthless investigative and prosecutorial team with its unlimited resources and unlimited and lawless scope of operation will not only discover (as well as brazenly fabricate) crimes, but will also create process crimes such as perjury and obstruction of justice during the intensive, manipulative, and exhausting interrogations and investigations that are planned as well as already underway (seehere);

(5)   Any attempt to resist this brutal, lawless railroading by pleading the Fifth Amendment will be met with severely and brutally (see hereherehereherehere,here) (resistance is futile);

(6)   Mueller’s lawless parallel justice department will lean VERY, VERY hard on both Manafort and Flynn to flip and testify against the President (see hereherehere);

(7)   Mueller’s lawless parallel justice department will present its findings to Congress and Mr. Trump will be impeached and then removed from office—to a 100% certainty—with his removal from office to be completed within 12-18 months of Mueller’s appointment on May 17, 2017 (see herehereherehere). 

(8)   Mr. Seth Abramson, apparent authorized herald and prophet of the Mueller coup team, bases his surety regarding Mr. Trump’s inevitable and certain impeachment on what he characterizes as a slam dunk case for obstruction of justice based on the testimony of the top tier of FBI officials who have been collaborating with Mr. Comey on the frame up of Mr. Trump for obstruction of justice (e.g., Mr. Trump has been framed for objecting to being framed—how clever is that) (see herehere);

(9)   Not coincidentally—as the shock and awe of this past week and especially Thursday, August 3 were directed towards the American people and their belief that they have the power and right to select their own president—the script included an article on Thursday“disclosing” the involvement of the entire top leadership of the FBI in colluding with the coup plotters in framing Mr. Trump.  An article of course cited approvingly with a wink, wink, from Mr. Abramson (see here) (also discussed below);

(10)  By implication, Mr. Abramson’s assurances that Mr. Trump will be inevitably impeached are based on the coup planners’ and plotters’ understanding to a 100% certainty that they ALREADY have enough Republicans in the Senate and House who are either already active though covert coup plotters, or who are sufficiently compromised and controllable by the deep state and globalist financial elites, that they can be leaned on to secure both a vote to impeach Mr. Trump in the House and a vote to convict in the Senate once the good Mr. Mueller presents the coup plotters ‘findings’ in the form of the report to Congress of his lawless parallel justice department (seeherehere).

(11)  Mr. Seth Abramson notifies the American people, on behalf of the lawless and criminal Mueller parallel justice department and the rest of the coup plotters that things are going to get very ugly, very real, and very fast, for Mr. Trump, his associates, and the American people who were so incautious and unwise in electing Mr. Trump as their president (seehereherehereherehere). 

* * *

Um, guys, this is all very scary and you guys are all very brutal and ruthless, but you aren’t very persuasive.  These are the hollow threats of a bunch of thugs and bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths, who can no longer manipulate, control, traumatize and harm the American people at will, nor harvest and prey upon them at will.

What’s puzzling is the following, though we don’t fully have the answer yet.  Why the terrorizing and shock andawe assault on the American people then the conjuring by the coup plotters and especially, by the good Mr. Mueller himself, of the Dark Mark this past week? Why this past week in particular?

Especially given that the whole “basis” and “justification” for the Mueller special counsel being appointed was purportedly that the Russians “hacked” the DNC and Podesta emails and distributed those through Wikileaks in order to influence the 2016 US Election.  

But that story has completely fallen apart in recent weeks.  And, pray tell, even if this narrative had been true, no one has disputed the accuracy of the emails themselves.  If the contents of the emails influenced the outcome of the election, it would have been because of the American peoples’ assessment of what they learned about the DNC, Podesta, and the Clinton campaign. 

That is, the underlying premise of the coup plotters’ Russian “hacking” frame up is that “the Russians” influenced our election by providing the American people with true and relevant information that helped them decide who to vote for, with the further premise that providing true and relevant information to the American electorate is an evil that must be prevented at all costs.  

Huh?  That’s really what the coup plotters’ narrative requires us to believe.

But it gets much, much worse than that.  (1) Wenow know to a certainty that the Russians DID NOT “hack” the DNC or Podesta emails.  There were two “leaks”—two downloads of the emails from the DNC server locally, not remotely from “Russia,” rather from inside the DNC offices themselves.  The first “leak” in late May or early June of 2016 was by disgruntled and idealistic DNC IT staffer Seth Rich who was a Bernie supporter presumably aghast and horrified (as any moral person would be) at the pervasive corruption of the Democratic primary process which was rigged to ensure the grotesquely corrupt and singularly off-putting Hillary Clinton would secure the nomination, regardless of the wishes of the Democrat primary voters.  

The second “leak” appears to have been a deep state cover up of the first leak, with the cover up in the form of a frame up of “the Russians” by the DNC through its CIA-proprietary IT “fixer” firm, Crowdstrike, and other elements of the deep state including CIA Director John Brennan, once they realized the DNC and Podesta emails had been downloaded by DNC insider Seth Rich then provided to Wikileaks.  Then those same deep state coup plotters as part of their frame up of “the Russians” for what had been Seth Riches’ leak then murdered Rich himself.

We also know to a 100% certainty, though we don’t know the whole script, that the entire, brief, and reportedly inconsequential June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr., Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, then Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, and others, was part of the frame up of the Trump campaign and family for “Russian collusion” as a corollary to the grand frame up of “the Russians” for “hacking” the DNC and Podesta emails.  

The June 9 meeting appears to have been set up and planned by covert operatives Fusion GPS who appear to have worked closely with elements of the FBI and other elements of the then-Obama administration in setting up the June 9meeting. There’s the still as yet unexplained and HIGHLY suspicious fact that Ms. Veselnitskaya had been EXPRESSLY denied a visa, and yet appears to have been granted permission by very high levels of national security or federal law enforcement in the Obama administration to come to the US for this very June 9 meeting in order to frame the Trump campaign.  

There’s also the facially obvious indicia of the frame up in the otherwise inexplicable statements by Mr. Rob Goldstone to Donald Trump Jr. in his email requesting the June 9 meeting that were assuredly made with the sole and express purpose by the coup plotters of then using those breadcrumbs in the Goldstone email to seek a FISA court warrant in an attempt to justify, after the fact, the VAST and utterly lawless surveillance of Mr. Trump and everyone and everything related to Mr. Trump which the deep state and the Obama administration had been engaged in for months, and possibly years, at that point.

There’s also the fact that the good Mr. Comey, then FBI director, a central coup plotter and planner, had been working for months to frame Mr. Trump for obstruction of justice—entrapping Mr. Trump for expressing concerns that he was being framed, an indisputable statement of fact on Mr. Trump’s part. 

Mr. Comey admitted at his June 8 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had collaborated with the good Mr. Mueller on his testimony, and that he had illegally leaked to the New York Times one or more classified memoranda. Memoranda that he, Mr. Comey, had drafted as part of the coup effort and frame up of Mr. Trump and Mr. Trump’s associates; memoranda that he leaked to the New York Times in order to secure the lawless and criminal Mueller parallel justice department in order to effectuate this evidence-free deep state coup. 

And do note that all members of the Senate Intelligence Committee appear to be 100% complicit and involved in the coup plot, or otherwise totally compromised and controlled by the deep state and globalist financial elites.  

Consider the fantastically revealing words of committee chair Mr. Richard Burr, Republican Senator from North Carolina—a good man who cannot be bothered to look into the VAST crimes of the Obama administration in illegally surveilling Mr. Trump and everyone associated with him during the 2016 campaign, nor can he be bothered with the indisputable and overwhelming evidence that Mr. Trump and his associates have been set up and are being framed by the deep state here.  

No, the good Mr. Burr can only find time and interest to condemn and disparage Mr. Devin Nunes, Republican House member from California, for being the only member of either the House or Senate intelligence committees who is seeking the truth on these critical matters.

And even more stunningly, there’s the news article from this past Thursday, the day of the maximum, shock and awe assault on the consciousness of the American people, that 10 or more top FBI officials have been colluding as senior coup operatives with Mr. Comey (and assuredly Mr. Mueller)—presumably under the leadership of the good Mr. Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, a man who is widely known to despise Mr. Trump and everything and everything he stands for with a white hot passion. 

The good Mr. McCabe has been reported to be regularly meeting with the coup plotters amongst the senior ranks of the FBI, fabricating evidence for the frame up of Mr. Trump, as clearly reported in Thursday’s shock and awe day article linked above. Mr. McCabe is reported to have told this team of corrupt and criminal coup plotters at the top of the FBI, “[first] we f _ _ _ Flynn, then we f _ _ _ Trump.” 

That is, first we will destroy and remove from office then-National Security Advisor Mr. Michael Flynn in the earlier stages of this illegal and grotesquely evil coup plot, and then we will destroy and remove from office the duly elected president of the United States in the latter stages of this illegal and grotesquely evil coup plot.

duly elected president of the United States (then annihilate the American people and our constitutional republic) unless we stop them (peacefully and lawfully).

Senior Republican Party office holders in the Imperial City on the Potomac this past week displayed even more cravenly and corruptly how compromised and criminal they are than anyone could have imagined. Is there not even one honorable man or woman among them?

The GOP Senate has colluded with the GOP and Democrat Party establishments for seven and a half months now to prevent the duly elected president from hiring into the administration the countless thousands of political appointees and other key hires into executive agencies necessary to fulfill the promises made to the American people in the 2016 election and effectuate the policies the American people INSIST upon from the federal government.  

A federal government whose ONLY purpose for existence or only basis of any exercise of any authority whatsoever rests on its service to the wellbeing of the American people and the protection of the inalienable rights of each individual, family, and local community.

BY PLAN AND DESIGN of the coup plotters and planners, and of the GOP establishment and Democrat establishment in the Imperial City on the Potomac, Mr. Trump is facing this lawless and criminal coup with those elements of the US government that would normally defend the president from this coup such as the Department of Justice and federal law enforcement still almost totally under the control of holdover operatives and agents of the Bush-Clinton crime family—the Bush-Clinton crime family who are totally, implacably dedicated to bringing down the duly elected president of the United States.

American people, how long are we going to put up with this “resistance” and total warfare against the general public and our duly elected president on the part of persons, organizations and interests who purportedly work for the American people? 

The GOP Senators are fully complicit in facilitating this lawless “resistance” by failing to approve or even advance the nomination of the employees and appointments this administration needs to bring in to effectuate the policies the American people have asked it to, or even to govern effectively at all.  

In doing so, they are also knowingly enabling the coup plotters in the system to continue to fabricate and manufacture “evidence” and “cause” and “cover” for their coup.  All the while the GOP establishment is giving tacit and sometimes overt support to the broad swathes of the federal bureaucracy who refuse to accept the American people’sdecision as to whom it wished to elect to the presidency last November, and are increasingly in open and brazen rebellion against their duly elected president and the ability of this elected administration to effectuate any of its promises and commitments that the American people based their decision upon in electing him.  

All of this—this ratcheting up of the surreality and lawlessness of the deep state coup—is part of the shock and awe script of the deep state coup planners for the first week of August, 2017.

GOP Senators also voted UNANIMOUSLY to keep the Senate in “pro forma” session during the weeks long recess the Senate has just begun, IN ORDER TO KEEP THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT FROM MAKING ANY RECESS APPOINTMENTS (also,note).  

That is, EVERY GOP Senator has openly, brazenly, and tauntingly told the American people that they are either fully complicit in this lawless and criminal deep state coup that’s underway, or they are too compromised to act consistently and morally in the interests of the American people and thus are haplessly letting the coup plotters direct their actions.

MULTIPLE GOP Senators, also on shock and awe day, Thursday, August 3, introduced legislation to prevent the duly elected president from firing the criminal and corrupt senior coup plotter the good Mr. Mueller.  

In effect, these individual GOP senators have placed themselves fully on the record before the American people and history itself that they will do anything, ANYTHING, no matter how heinous, no matter how vile, no matter how lawless, no matter how unconstitutional, in their willing and full-throated participation in this ongoing and onrushing lawless and evidence-free coup underway. 

Even purported Trump allies like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appear to have been leaned on by the deep state coup plotters and have thrown their support wholeheartedly behind the deep state Mueller coup, despite their assuredly being fully aware of the how lawless Mueller’s coup is, and how certain the outcome is unless the American people step in and stop this (and do so peacefully and lawfully). 

As did Jeb!protégé and Paul Singer—ruthless globalist vulture “investor” who appears to have beenthe paymaster for Fusion GPS and Access Hollywood tapes, also recommended McMaster, assuredly ALL at the behest of the Bush family—toady, the good Mr. Marco Rubio.  

I still have the fondest of memories of the touching, heartrending speeches I’ve heard the good Mr. Rubio give, even though at this point I do not believe any of it from him—not while he continues in his craven service and toadying to the globalist financial elites, and in his kowtowing and offering this wink wink tee hee, no one will notice pitiful, in fact grotesque and disgraceful, support for the deep state coup against our duly elected president.

* (also note, also note)

Have you seen your good Mr. Jeff Flake, Republican Senator from Arizona, neverTrumper forever and up for re-election in 2018, with his? 

* * *

And what of the good Mr. Mike Pence, Vice President, whom I am now 100% certain has been a covert but VERY real and active participant in this lawless, incredibly dangerous, and evidence-free coup that’s underway.  

Mr. Pence has been busy this past weekend, working hard to “rebut” the clear and express implications that he is a senior operative in this deep state coup—while simultaneously showing his crossed fingers; also note, and note

This is all being scripted and orchestrated by the directed history programmers as should be evident to ANYONE who is remotely paying attention.  

The message that was programmed into the consciousness of the American people here was that he, Mr. Pence, is fully in and on board with the coup. 

And that programming this past week also included that a considerable number of GOP House and Senate members are either covertly participating in the coup just waiting for their moment to “bravely” walk onto history and announce their participation, or are so hopelessly compromised and controlled by the globalist financial elites that they will act against the wishes and interests of the American people in lawlessly and brazenly supporting the coup as soon as they are directed to do so. 

Notably, included in the script—can you just see the orchestration here like a symphonic movement of unspeakable, albeit grandiose and hideously loathsome, evil—was the article on Wednesday, August 2, by coup operative Mr. Benjamin Wittes, a man ESPECIALLY close to senior coup plotter the Mr. James Comey.  This good man has

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