Saturday, August 12, 2017


Picture the following hypothetical scenario….

The New World Order empowers Barack Hussein as the leader of a shadow government (the Deep State), bankrolling him with a trillion-dollar investment. The objective is to destabilize the Trump administration by impeaching the President and causing the mass resignation of his Cabinet and GOP Congressional leaders. The stage is set overseas by having betrayed Israel at the UN and funding Iran with hundreds of millions of dollars. It creates turmoil in the Middle East (instigated by a Hamas/Hezbollah intifada against Israel) that compromises American military resources.
Socialist insurgents proceed to stage mass demonstrations in major cities and campuses across the country, making the world believe the USA is on the brink of civil war. Vandalism and arson result in astronomical insurance losses ranging into the billions, neutralizing Trump’s miraculous cure on Wall Street. Federal and State law enforcement resources are overwhelmed, allowing for gangs across the country to implement ‘Everything Must Go’ narcotic sales. Drug abuse hits record highs, and the social impact is devastating. Gang warfare spreads like the plague as dealers attempt to seize control of the markets.
The NWO gives the green light for ISIS fighters to flood the US borders, fleeing the unwinnable war in Iraq for the next phase of the Caliphate campaign. Terror attacks are instigated throughout the nation. CNN and other leftist media outlets are declaring the nation is in a state of anarchy. Trump has relented in allowing governors to declare martial law in several states. GOP congressmen are resigning in droves as subversives are threatening their lives and their families at Town Halls.
Hysterical voters give in to the intolerable pressure and impeach the President. An emergency session of Congress results in a Constitutional amendment allowing Presidents to serve more than two terms of office. A plebiscite results in Barack Hussein being restored as Commander in Chief. He makes an immediate peace deal with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS. The two-state solution in Israel is enacted, ceding Jerusalem to Palestine. There is peace on earth at last.
Truth can be stranger than fiction. I guess we’ll see.

Remember, we're all in this together,

Derek Paulson
Prepared Patriot

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