Friday, August 11, 2017


Submitted by: M Seales

This is not new news but let's pass it around freely and post everywhere.

I like to think that every time  I send out something to as many people as
possible, that some people will wake up to the madness and maybe join
the fight.  The war against Trump right now is a war against freedom
loving patriots like us.   And we need to fight on all fronts.

Let's give owner of Starbucks who is a Christian hating, muslim loving libtard
a chance to go  out of business.

I know pastors who just can't give up the S-bucks and that is a disgrace.
The line I get from them is ..."all businesses are anti-Christian" well
let's slay one dragon at a time.   Send this anyone you know who has
email, fbook, twitter or whatever.

Let's starve the beast.  I have never patronized their stores.


 Mary Seales
Natural Born Citizen

"Those who are afraid to fight will be eaten by those who are not afraid.


There may be fecal bacteria in your Starbucks iced coffee, investigation finds

The Starbucks Coffee brand has taken a major hit since the company’s announcement that it would hire 10,000 Muslim “refugees” in response to President Donald ...

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Fecal bacteria found in Starbucks drinks 'These should not be present at any level, never mind the significant numbers' Published: 06/28 ...

Health Buzz: Poop Bacteria Discovered in Starbucks, Other Chain Iced Drinks, Report Says Get used to asking for hot drinks.

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