Friday, August 11, 2017


Today's Headlines

Greece On Alert: The Rise of the Islamic Triangle In the Balkans

The concerned observers in Greece are beginning to notice in the Balkans the outlines of a future cornerstone of Islamic presence in Europe.

Jihadi BUSTED After Trying To Crowdsource Attack On US Airbase

This devout Muslim wouldn't crowdsource if he didn't know millions of Muslims support the savage holy war.

NYC Rally To REFUSE a Fascist America vs Patriots

The leftist war on freedom continues. Fascists use "fascist" to impose fascism.

AFDI and ACLU Sue D.C. Metro For First Amendment Violations Over ‘Geller Ban’ on Ads

It is good to see an uber-left organization like the ACLU, historically aligned with the jihad force, taking up a key fight for us in defense of our First Amendment freedoms.
We have moved forward with our D.C. legal action. On July 24, our legal team, AFLC, filed our opening brief in the DC Circuit in our lawsuit against Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Read it here:

UK Muslim rape gang member says: “All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash”

The court heard that one of the men convicted, 37-year-old Badrul Hussain, was heard telling a ticket collector on the Tyne and Wear Metro: 'All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.'

Denmark starts HUG A JIHADI program to show EMPATHY to jihad terrorists

Can you stop terrorism with empathy?
Under a program run by police in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, a unique approach is being tested – offering assistance to radicalised youths and adults, rather than treating them as criminals.

Susan Rice Suggests Donald Trump ‘Tolerate Nuclear Weapons in North Korea’

Former Barack Obama administration face Susan Rice seriously suggested Donald Trump ought to simply "tolerate" a nuclear-armed North Korea.

4PM Facebook LIVE: EXCLUSIVE Pamela Geller Interviews Parents of Idaho 5-Year-Old Girl Raped by Muslim Migrant Gang

In the their very first interview, I will be going LIVE to interview the parents of the five-year-old victim who was raped by a Muslim migrant mob. Don't miss it.
Tune in at 4 m Eastern time today on my Facebook page here.

London model Chloe Ayling was “kidnapped to order” by gang for Muslim men

“The organisation has been kidnapping girls for Arabian buyers for years, Italian girls, girls of all nationalities. They may have wanted a British girl so that is why they kidnapped Chloe.”

ISIS Terrorists Threaten to Attack Europeans in Their Own Homes

ISIS terrorists have released a new video vowing to root out infidels in Europe, even if it means going into citizens' homes and murdering occupants.

Never-Trump WSJ Rushes to Protect McMaster From President’s America-First Base

Leave it to the Never-Trumpers at the Wall Street Journal, but that newspaper's editorial board has rushed in to shield H.R. McMaster from all penned criticisms.

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