Friday, August 11, 2017


Trump Wins: China Gives Go-Ahead for American Retaliatory Strike IF North Korea Attacks

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Tim Tebow Does it Again – Changing Lives while Playing Sports

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They Paved Canada and Put Up a Parking Lot

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What Happens if North Korea Persists? 
CNN Anchor Calls Out Hypocrisy of Anti-Trump Clinton Accolyte 
By Embracing Civil Asset Forfeiture, AG Jeff Sessions Embraces Theft 
CNN Makes a Strong Case for Limiting Immigration 
The Psychotic Media Experience 
NHL’s Dallas Stars Support Men in Bathrooms with our Wives and Daughters 
Susan “the Appeaser” Rice has Gone Crazy 
Guess why these Bakers Refused to make this Kid’s Cake 
News You Can Use for August 11, 2017 
Guam’s Governor Praises President Trump’s Tough Talk on North Korea 

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FBI more Aggressive in Investigation of Trump Team than they Ever were of Hillary 
When Words Can Kill 
Here’s the Five Biggest Screw-Ups from the New York Times this Year 
The Sbarro Bombing 16 Years Later: Remembering the Violent Muslim Threat We Face 
Democrats Unify on Pot Legalization 
The End of Strategic Patience 
Japan Prepared to Blast NK Rockets Out of The Sky to Protect Guam 
Mueller’s FBI Raid Overreach Lambasted By Trump Attorney 
Judge Tells State Department to “Try Again” in Search for Benghazi Emails 
Liberal Resistance to President Trump Takes Strange, Inflatable Shape 
Russian Jet Takes to D.C. Skies Thanks To 90’s Era Agreement 
Dutch Airlines Messes Up the LGBTQ Narrative 
News You Can Use for August 10, 2017 
ACLU Stands Up For Milo in Free Speech Advertising Suit 
Turncoat McConnell Blames Trump’s Ambition For Do-Nothing Congress 

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