Friday, August 11, 2017


Senator John McCain, A Modern Day Benedict Arnold

Why isn’t the Republican party unifying behind their president? The Democrats unify no matter what, they all stick together as they did for Clinton and Obama, but the Republicans, every time they have a chance to succeed, they squander a great opportunity to demonstrate the difference between them and the commie left.  They continually disappoint the American people. The answer is simple..........
by Kelleigh Nelson.

Good Shall Be Called Evil And Evil Shall Be Called Good

When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland my Dad gave me a stern warning.  Several times, he alerted me about an impending development.  “Before I would become an old man, what I have been taught to be good would be condemned as evil.”  In the reverse Dad warned, “evil would be heralded as the new standard of good.”  I knew my Dad to be the most honest and straight forward of people.........
by Ron Edwards

CCW Reciprocity Law Can Skewer Self-Defense Opponents, Says the Gun Dean

Besides the Washington Post and New York Times dubbing Snyder the “dean of Washington gun lobbyists,” he is a well-known law enforcement advisory board member for both the National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP) and the American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens (AFP&CC)..........
By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouria

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