Wednesday, August 9, 2017


They're Gaining On Me.  I Must Keep Running

Every day lawmakers, at every level of government, are making laws just as insane as the one in our story.  Every day, most people just ignore what goes on in the halls of local, state and federal governments.  Every day that is, until one of these insane laws catches up with them and they have to choose between being caught in the enforcement of the insane law, or to run...........
by Ron Ewart.

Who Does The President Work For?

If you know your history you know that during the Revolutionary War, George Washington didn't send someone else to go in his stead; he took responsibility and went himself to lead the call for independence on the behalf of the country and the people he loved..........
by Bradlee Dean

Military Transgender Funding Is Unconstitutional

The Declaration of Independence gives us the fundamental philosophy of government in America.  As we say at Institute on the Constitution, the Declaration is the “why” document of American government juxtaposed with the Constitution, which is the “how” of American government..........
by Jake MacAulay

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