Wednesday, August 9, 2017


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Huge Migrant Wave Set To Hit Europe, German Intel Says

As if nothing can be done.....
The Germans will be heading to the polls in October. Will they vote for survival or suicide?

Burka-ed Statue of Liberty Hangs in Democrat Congressman’s Office

Cultural jihad. When I had the Statue of Liberty in a burka on the cover of my 2010 book, people thought I was overstating it.
Now it hangs in a Congressman's office (a Democrat, of course) -- not as a warning but as an aspiration.
The art implies that we are all subjugated Muslim women. We are not.
This is deeply offensive to every freedom-loving American (and immigrant) "yearning to be free" who escaped the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth, the sharia.
Congressman J. Luis Correa, a congressional Democrat, is standing in support of gender oppression, gender apartheid, female genital mutilation and honor killing.

Israelis Discover Proof of Armenian Genocide In Turkish Democracy

Perhaps there is poetic justice in the very fact that the definitive evidence of planning and intention behind an Islamic campaign of genocide, the first of its kind in the 20th century, was found in the state of Israel.

Muslim “Palestinian” Demo in Sweden: Jews Called “Apes and Pigs”

Sweden was the first EU country to recognize the "Palestinian" state - a genocidal movement rooted solely in Jew hatred. So is this surprising?
Depicting Jews as apes and pigs is from Islamic texts and teachings.

Muslim child executioner issues CHILLING threat to West: ‘We will behead you in your HOMES’ ‘Allah wills it’

This is what the the left-wing ruling political and cultural elites are leaving our children and grandchildren to deal with.

Honor killing: Muslim beheads wife for disobeying him and not quitting her job

With the children asleep in the house .... yes indeed, one of the "great Abrahamic faiths." Abraham is throwing up in his grave.

Ongoing Muslim migrant violence at Berlin pool

Despite the "Cool am Pool" program, Muslim youths cause problems at Neukölln public pool. They were fighting and tried to storm the diving board platform. The pool had to be shut down. Police were called but no arrests. And the authorities can't seem to understand why the local imam can't stop the violence.

Brussels terror: Police open fire on car ‘with EXPLOSIVES inside’ in Muslim neighborhood of Molenbeek

Here is yet another in a long line of daily jihad terror related news stories that American media refuses to report on. They want mass Muslim immigration. They want to bring this here.

August 7th, “Assyrian Martyrs Day,” Underscores the Fixed Delusion of Western “Reform” of Sharia

We have a moral obligation to oppose Sharia, which is antithetical to the core beliefs for which hundreds of thousands of brave Americans have died.

Mumbai jihad-terror savages form political party with Muslim mass murderer at helm

The Muslim reporter for this article (the enemedia always has Muslims write up jihad new stories) rounds out the edges and bleaches the blood. Muslim reporter Asif Shahzad opens up his "report" with this sentence...

Google’s Blacklist: Destroying careers because of different political beliefs

Ironically, in the beginning, Google's slogan, their tagline, was "don't be evil." They quietly retired that slogan -- leftists don't believe in good or evil -- and switched it up to, "Do the right thing." For well over a decade, a handful of us have been warning of the dangerous consequences of the bias by the ever growing, ever powerful Google. Of course, we were called conspiracy theorists and tinfoil yada yadas. There is conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact. Here's the proof.

VIDEO: Military attacked by Muslim migrants in Italy

VIDEO: Military attacked by Muslim migrants in Italy

Iranian Commanders Fighting Alongside Taliban Inside Afghanistan

Iran is making terror inroads in Afghanistan, and becoming a key playing in the transfer of funding and weapons from Russia to Taliban terrorists.

Palestinian Propaganda Is Infiltrating U.S. Public Schools

Watch out: that history book your child's bringing home and studying may contain some blatant anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bias.

ISIS Posting Syrian Children Outside of Car Bomb Factories to Prevent U.S. Airstrikes

ISIS, adherents of the so-called religion of peace, has begun stationing children outside their bomb-making factories in order to keep airstrikes from the United States at bay.

Germany Could Have Deported Hamburg Supermarket Jihad Attacker in 2015

Hamburg’s Interior Minister Andy Grote later confirmed that the man was known to authorities for being part of the “Islamist scene” stating: “He was known as an Islamist but not a jihadist.” What?

Iranian general boasts of Quds Force killing U.S. troops in Iraq

The deputy commander of Iran’s notorious Quds Force bragged at a recent ceremony that his operatives have killed more Americans than U.S. troops have killed Iranian fighters.

London is now the acid attack capital of the world, with attacks at “epidemic levels”

In terms of attacks per head of population, London is now the acid attack capital of the world, with a 74 per cent rise in assaults — from 261 to 454 — between 2015 and 2016.

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