Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hillary Clinton wants to be a Methodist Pastor

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CNN Admits Democrats in “Disrepair and Disarray” have “No Leader”

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Mitch McConnell Betrays Trump, Trump Responds by Helping McConnell

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‘The Simpsons’ Prescient Mockery of Social Justice Insanity 
Trump Spokesman Mocks North Korea, Calls them a “Paper Tiger” 
Ambassador Nikki Haley Forced to “Twist some Arms” but Gets China and Russia to Condemn North Korea 
Insurers Bet the Bad Won’t Happen, so Why Don’t We? Governments Can’t Fix Everything 
Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” Sunk by Reality 
Climate Change Alarmists Embrace 1984’s Newspeak 
Nuke Time in North Korea? 
Shocking! Nearly 50% of Americans Support Slavery 
News You Can Use for August 9, 2017 
Judge Roy Moore Takes on McConnell’s “Slime” In New Election Ad 

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Racist Kaepernick Turns Down NFL Offers to Continue SJW Nonsense 
Rural Nevada Devoid of Healthcare Options as Obamacare Evacuates 
Iranian Drone Too Close For Comfort as U.S. Jet Attempts Carrier Landing
Football-Heavy Southern College Allows Students to Choose Own Grades 
Kim Crosses Threshold: Nukes Now Small Enough for Missile Delivery 
Latest House GOP Ad says the Media has Ignored their Hard Work 
The Media’s Backwards Priorities 
Eric Bolling of Fox News: Unjustly Accused or Disgusting Pervert? 
Team Trump Gets China to Condemn North Korea for a Second Time! 
Trump Supporter Tries to Crowdsource a New Healthcare Plan 
“Abortion: It Kills All the Right People” 
Russian Collusion Confirmed 
News You Can Use for August 8, 2017 
POLL: Americans Ready to Commit Troops in North Korea to Topple Kim 
The “Great American Eclipse” Has Emergency Services Scrambling 

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