Monday, August 7, 2017


Today's Headlines

Sweden: Police Say Situation ‘Completely Unacceptable’ after 550 Per Cent Rise in Grenade Attacks

The number of hand grenade attacks in Sweden has by 55 per cent sevenfold in just three years, with police describing the situation as “completely unacceptable”. Grenade attacks are warfare. It's war.

World’s Worst Torture Method Betrays An Islamic Culture of Rape

Should we be surprised that the world's worst torture method ever deployed by (Islamic) state authorities was inspired by rape, given how endemic pedophilia and the hidden subculture of rape is in the Islamic world?

Muslim-Majority African Countries Send Ambassadors To Israel For First Time

This is a big deal -- something the viciously antisemitic, pro-jihad South African leader (polygamist and accused rapist) Jacob Zuma has been working furiously to oppose. Zuma downgraded South Africa's embassy in Israel to "Liaison Office" status. Working with "Palestinian" terror leader Mahmoud Abbas, they are trying to stop Israel from achieving further diplomatic relations with African countries.

Muslim terrorist who plotted attack on Israel soccer game killed waging jihad in Syria

Good news. One down, a few hundred million more jihadis to go.

Pentagon investigators find ‘SECURITY RISKS’ in Obama-era program to recruit foreigners into US military

Defense Department investigators have found 'potential security risks' in a program that recruits foreigners into the US military in exchange for citizenship, according to a new report.

Sharia UK: Christian Hospital Worker Punished for Speaking About Her Faith with a Muslim Loses Again in Court

A Christian therapist in England who was suspended after being accused of evangelizing to a Muslim colleague has suffered another loss in court.

Greece: Muslim migrants attack police at German embassy, demand relatives gain entry to Europe

Demand, demands, and more demands. Muslim migrants in Greece shouted "no more waiting!" and violently protested outside the German embassy in Athens against delays in bringing their family members to join them.

Police arrest knife-wielding man yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Eiffel Tower as monument is evacuated

Police arrested a knife-wielding man wearing a Paris Saint-Germain football shirt after he tried to breach security at the Eiffel Tower last night.

US Envoy: Trump’s Policies Have ‘Dramatically Accelerated Progress’ Against ISIS

Unlike President Obama, who aided and abetted the Islamic State, President Trump is vanquishing the enemy. Clearly it's easier to dispatch the Islamic menace in Iraq and Syria than it is in the beltway, the media and academia. But they must vanquished here, too.

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