Monday, August 7, 2017


Gore’s Propaganda Piece Pulls Paltry Profits on Opening Weekend

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Bannon Mulling Regulation of Google, Facebook as Information “Utilities”

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Trump Effect Helps to Shed THOUSANDS of Non-Essential Gov’t Jobs

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POLL: Americans Ready to Commit Troops in North Korea to Topple Kim 
The “Great American Eclipse” Has Emergency Services Scrambling 
Liberal Comedienne Launches Offensive Against First Amendment 
Study Shows 11 CA Counties With More Registered Voters Than Adults 
North Korea Vows “Severe” Action After Rejecting U.N. Sanctions 
Senator Jeff Flake says Being Conservative isn’t about Actually Being Conservative 
The Democrat’s Road to Nowhere 
Ex-CNN Employee Kayleigh McEnany Now Anchoring Pro-Trump News on Facebook 
Apple Trashes Trump, but Sells its Soul for Chinese Money 
Elon Musk’s Creepy Secret Cameras Installed in Tesla’s Model 3 

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Ben Shapiro on How the Hard Left is Threatening Free Speech 
Alan Dershowitz Destroys Maxine Waters 
Jim Carrey Gets it Backwards, Leftists are the Ones Eating Babies 
News You Can Use for August 7, 2017 
Turncoat Republican Senator Comes to Hillary Clinton’s Defense 
Trump Censorship in HS Yearbook Gets Bold Retort from Student’s Father
Rutgers Mandates $175 Snowflake Training Module for New Students 
PARIS TERROR: Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Causes Eiffel Tower Evacuation 
President Trump’s Advisors are Urging Him to Send MORE Troops to Afghanistan 
Treasury Inspector General Discovers a NEW Obama-IRS Scandal 
White House Bible Studies Driving Atheists Insane 
News You Can Use for August 6, 2017 
UCLA Study Pins Global Warming Hoax on Pet Dogs and Cats 
Talk Show Host Warns of Civil War Should Trump Be “Taken Out” 
Even CNN Insiders Can’t Stand Jim Acosta’s Asinine Antics 

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