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The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (August 7th, 2017)

Ed Note: AG Jeff Sessions is an interesting character and sometimes it's difficult to understand his intentions and policies.
We DO KNOW he is very adamant about making Medical Marijuana ILLEGAL....and this is why !

He may know down deep inside, marijuana has NEVER killed anyone and thousands of opiate users are switching their pain medication to marijuana and easily kicking the addictive habit.....but what drives AG Sessions is the massive support by law enforcement nationwide with a common agenda...."Civil Asset Forfeiture."

"The list includes two of the major police unions in the country, the Fraternal Order of Police — the biggest police union in the country — and the AFL-CIO’s International Union of Police Associations."

In-order for "Civil Asset Forfeiture" law to be financially productive for their agency(s), city or county, is to spend all their time away from the heart of their jurisdiction to patrol interstates for suspected drugs and/or cash. No Due Process, just plain confiscation of cash in your vehicle. They seize the cash based-on their own suspicion and you have the  (Right??) to get your money back by taking the city/county to court. Often enough, the local attorney will charge a suspect thousands of dollars to recover the seized (legal) money, but the fee and court costs nearly matches the amount seized ! It's a win win situation for law enforcement and it pays their bills.

This also ties in with the de-funding of "sanctuary cities" and the need for law enforcement agencies to recoup  their financial loss by seizing cash from traffic stops.

AG Sessions' policy agenda is NOT what (WE) voted for....we voted for him to "Lock Her Up," and to intervene on the Dem's attempt to take-down President Trump.

---Dave Bertrand


Today's Featured Article / Report

Law enforcement endorsements pile up for Sessions

By Jonathan Swan - 11/29/16 07:00 AM EST

Law enforcement endorsements are rushing in for the Alabama senator picked by President-elect  to be the nation’s next attorney general.

In the 10 days since Trump announced Sessions for the top legal post, at least nine law enforcement groups have come out in support of the senator. (D.B.: Date was November 29th, 2016)

The list includes two of the major police unions in the country, the Fraternal Order of Police — the biggest police union in the country — and the AFL-CIO’s International Union of Police Associations.

Other groups supporting Sessions are the Major Cities Chiefs Association, National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Coalition, National Sheriffs’ Association, National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Major County Sheriffs’ Association, National District Attorneys Association and the National Association of Police Organizations. 

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