Monday, July 17, 2017


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Paris Prosecutors: NO “Hate Crime” Indictment for Jewish Woman SAVAGELY BEATEN TO DEATH by Muslim Who Screamed “Allahu Akbar!” Called Her “Dirty Jew,” Recited Verses From Quran,

Neighbor had recorded Muslim suspect calling Sarah Halimi a ‘dirty Jew’ and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ before killing her. Her family fought for Halimi’s murder to be legally tried as a hate crime. The family was refused. But, beware, leave bacon outside a mosque or worse, a painting of Jesus and be prepared to serve serious time for violating sharia law.

Another Balkan Jihad Terrorist Organization Grows in Strength

As if there were not enough Albanian terrorist organizations in the world. Now there is a relatively new one on the horizon, and operates outside Kosovo.

Robert Spencer: The West Adopts Sharia Blasphemy Laws

A few recent news items show how far Islamic blasphemy laws have advanced in the West.

Preparing For Your Muslim Meet-And-Greet

You already know what that evening of a “Dinner and Dialogue” in Columbia must have been like, what questions were asked by the credulous Infidels, and what taqiyya-and-tu-quoque answers were given by their host, Imam Omar Shaheed. But while you may be forgiven for wanting to skip yet another example of Muslim apologetics, it’s a salutary exercise to go through this event’s dishonesties, in our constant attempt to sweep back the tide of idiocy.

Chicago Dykes Go Neo-NAZI Against Jews

These dykes will get what's coming to them by the very movement they protect and defend.

New Head of Islamic State is French Muslim

It was never about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Osama Bin Laden or Yaser Arafat, Anwar Awlaki, Khaled Mashal, Ahmad Umar, Abubakar Shekau, or any other General or Commander in Allah's army. It's not about a man or any particular Muslim militia. It is all about Jihad in the cause of Islam.

Devout Muslim school where CHILD DIED and books teach husbands can beat their wives is taken over by government, BUT NOT CLOSED

Let's review what we know about the misogynist, Jew-hating Al Hijrah school, one of Britain's first Muslim schools to secure state funding.

More Muslim Immigrant Violence in France: 900 CARS BURNED, 13 Police Wounded, “Several Episodes of Urban Violence”

And so it begins. Yesterday, I reported on a police officer in France who was ambushed by a horde of Muslim migrants. He was beaten by iron bars and rocks by a Muslim horde. It was one of multiple violent episodes across the country. The cop opened fire in order to escape, and one of the attackers was wounded in the stomach. I asked if that would set off a new Muslim uprising in France. That remains to be seen, but there was bedlam last night.

Jihadi first befriended, CHATTED with 2 German tourists before PULLING OUT MACHETE and slaughtering them

He was moderate ... and then he wasn't. One moment, the West's dreamy idea of Muslim immigration, the next, reality. The Egyptian university graduate who stabbed two German women to death at a popular Red Sea resort first sat and spoke to them in fluent German before producing a large machete and killing them.

Germany: Muslims planned to finance jihad plot with money extorted from the Vatican

Three men accused of plotting a killing spree in the German city of Düsseldorf have appeared in court. The attack, using explosive vests and bullets, was to be financed with money extorted from the Vatican.

Son of Muslim Preacher Admits Plotting Jihad Attack Against Belgian Police

The son of a Dutch preacher residing in Belgium has plotted to carry out an attack that was supposed to target police officers in Verviers, near the borders between Belgium and Netherlands.

Sweden’s Population Growth Second Highest in EU Due to Mass Muslim Migration

Crime rates have also been rising in recent years and many have long suspected that migrants make up a disproportionate number of criminal suspects, however official police figures are not released. Earlier in the year, police officer Peter Springare said the vast majority of cases he dealt with involved suspects who came from migrant backgrounds.

British Jews ‘Betrayed’ by Courts, Cops as Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Soar

Hate crimes against Jews in Britain has risen to such levels that alarmed researchers are wondering if courts and police are turning blind eyes to the religious-based offenses.

Chechnya’s Muslim Leader Asserts No Gays in Country: ‘We Don’t Have Those Kinds of People’

To say gays living in Chechnya are in trouble would be an understatement. The mostly Muslim nation condones the killing and physical abuse of gays -- and the county's leader won't even admit homosexuals live in Chechnya, never mind face persecution.

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