Monday, July 17, 2017


NY Times Attempts To Omit Clinton Connection in Don Jr.’s Russian Lawyer Meeting

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North Carolina NAACP Pastor Claims “Heresy” in POTUS’ Oval Office Prayer Circle

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Border Patrol Head Honcho Heaps Praise on Trump-Inspired Drop in Illegal Crossings

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CNN Figurehead Refuses to Acknowledge That Trump is “Her” President 
Radical Leftist Rosie Tweets Out Yet Another Violent Threat Against POTUS 
Australian Time Capsule Letter Eerily Predicts Global Islamic Holy War 22 Years Ago 
GOP Healthcare Bill Delayed after McCain Blood-Clot Surgery 
Hiring Another Swamp Creature For The FBI 
Democrats Only Fooling Themselves
House Democrats heard they Might have Been Hacked… but Didn’t Care 
How Much Should a $254 million VA Hospital Cost? 
70 Years Ago The Exodus 1947 Became Israel’s First Ship Of State 
The Media Reporting on the Trump Prayer Meeting Proves they Know Nothing about Christianity 

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A Letter from the DNC 
News You Can Use for July 17, 2017 
Trump Triumph! Border Wall Construction Begins in Texas! 
Caitlyn Jenner Now Eyeing A Run For Senate After Celebrity Fever Hits D.C. 
Phil Donahue Makes INSANE Claim: Trump Makes “Darkest” Era in Political History 
Ron Paul Warns Trump Headed for JFK-Like Fate in Deep State Battle 
Trump Weighing Several Options on Dealing with North Korea 
Shocking New Evidence that Hillary Clinton Used the State Department to Line Her Own Pockets 
Yale Divinity Professor Gets Almost Everything about the Bible Wrong 
News You Can Use for July 16, 2017 
POTUS’ Character Unshaken As He Banters With Press on Air Force 1 
Congress’ Sleeveless Stunt Calls Nancy Pelosi’s Feminism into Question 
Ford Fusion Sedans Used to Smuggle $1M in Weed Into Ohio…AGAIN 
Columbia Law Professor Predicts Trump Resignation Over Don Jr.’s Russian Rendezvous 
Hmmm: Doubt Surfaces about Whether or Not Clinton Investigator Comitted Suicide 

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