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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (July 17th, 2017)

Ed Note: After a lot of thinking about the future of the Bertrand Daily Report (BDR) and if this report plays an important role in decision making, knowledge, or entertainment, I will continue the report as scheduled unless there are interruptions due to internet coverage as I travel the northwest states.

COMMENTS below this Intel Report are just a few that responded, but many that did not respond, are either those I already know use the data for their personal, business, or radio show(s), therefore...I have taken them into consideration, including high level government officials and high profile activists. 

Others that do not use the BDR and/or do not read or forward, I'd like to know who they are because they are taking up contact slots that could be replaced with those I have in reserve, which is over 1,000. I have found that Yahoo does not play well with multiple eBlast mailings within minutes of each other, therefore....I (for now) limit an eBlast to one "Master" group, knowing that a number of you forward to your contact network and so on...which can easily reach several thousand readers within hours. Some have suggested creating a website, but that costs money and can cause a legal copyright infringement problem with the many links I am able to research and provide to you now.

Thanks to Twitter, Bill Still, John Rolls and Pastor Lee Gliddon (and their websites), I've seen the numbers as high as 28,000 plus !

A common complaint by those that want to be REMOVED, it appears Yahoo does NOT actually remove them after I DELETE them !

There's nothing I can do about that, but it does seem, after a while...they are actually removed. If this report does not reflect your political viewpoint, simply don't open the email ! I know that some Liberals think this report will melt their computer, well....let's hope so !

I'm not doing this to make friends...I'm doing this to absolutely tick-off the socialist / communist Left !

What I want to add to this report are your comments related to the report, news, or anything relative. Please do not exceed a few paragraphs and I will post what I can at the bottom of the (following) report. I want to avoid those emails that provide a news item/youtube that are not discussed on the current BDR report because I receive hundreds and can't post them all. ....and I don't have the time to research and determine if they are fake or not. Thanks !

---Dave Bertrand


Today's Featured Article / Report  (This report is very important reference Uranium One)

The Clinton connection
How Bill and Hillary raised and earned millions from Canada’s corporate elite

One day in June, 2005, Bill Clinton clambered aboard the private jet of Frank Giustra, the Vancouver mining financier. Mr. Clinton needed to get to Mexico City to begin a speaking tour of Latin America and oversee the work of his sprawling charitable enterprise. The two men didn’t know each other well. But Mr. Giustra happened to have a luxury MD-87 aircraft to get him there. And he was curious about the former U.S. president and his philanthropic work.

The trip and the conversation marked the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Soon after, Mr. Giustra became one of the largest single donors to the Clinton Foundation and rallied an entire industry to raise millions of dollars for its fight against global poverty. He, in turn, gained entrée to Mr. Clinton’s inner circle – and became Corporate Canada’s most famous “Friend of Bill.”

 “The Clinton Foundation exists as a temptation for any foreign entity or government that believes it could curry favour through a donation,” said then-senator Richard Lugar, a Republican, in calling on the charity to ban all foreign donations." 

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Contributor: Our BDR friend Mr. Bassett (Canada)

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The "back story" from the New York Times (April 2015) has got to come out from the darkness.....a detailed series of illegal events being held-down by Obama / Clinton  and their illegal acts against America's interests, a National Security scandal being spun by the DNC via the fakestream media.




Was set to testify this week against the Clinton Foundation


ABC Poll: 67 Percent Disapprove of Trump's Twitter Use





Daily Caller       Will Sessions's DOJ Defend DACA? He Previously Doubted Its Constitutionality 
President Donald Trump has so far reneged on his campaign promise to “immediately terminate” former President Barack Obama's amnesty for illegal immigrants who arrived as minors. -- However, a looming lawsuit from ten Republican state attorneys general might hasten the end of the program. Texas state attorney general Ken Paxton wrote in letter to Sessions that the federal government will face a challenge on the legality of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals if by September 5 the Trump administration continues to renew or issue new DACA permits. ......
OC Breeze         Attorney General Becerra files amicus brief in case involving unaccompanied immigrant youth 
Attorney General Xavier Becerra yesterday filed a friend-of-the-court brief in In re Denis G., a case involving an unaccompanied immigrant youth seeking legal immigration status. At the invitation of the Los Angeles Superior Court and the suggestion of the California Supreme Court, Attorney General Becerra weighed in on this issue of great importance regarding youth fleeing dangerous conditions in their home countries. -- “Imagine a child you know fleeing to our country because she was being abused, abandoned or neglected by her parents. As people, can we really turn our back on them? Californians have answered ‘no' by passing laws that provide a clear and consistent process so that these children can seek refuge by obtaining legal status,” said Attorney General Becerra.......
KVOA       Border Patrol officers seize Oxycodone pills at Lukeville Port 
A 20-year-old Tucson man was arrested Thursday morning for an outstanding warrant and for attempting to smuggle nearly 1,000 tablets of Oxycodone pills. -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Port of Lukeville pedestrian crossing, referred the man for more questioning as he tried to enter the U.S. from Mexico. -- Officers searched the man and found a small package of Oxycodone pills taped around his waist. ......
WNYC      New York Democrats Tell ICE: Stay Away from Human Trafficking Courts 
Congressional Democrats from New York City are calling on Immigration and Customs Enforcement to keep its officers away from courts that help victims of human trafficking. Their letter to the agency cites an incident last month in which deportation officers showed up at one such court in Queens looking for a woman who had been arrested for prostitution. -- Addressing Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Acting Director of U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement Thomas Homan, the members of congress argue that human trafficking is a "chronic, transnational problem" where victims are often afraid or restricted from coming forward.......
Washington Examiner        Border Patrol chief 'looking forward' to possibilities of expanding 'tool kit' with wall ideas 
Carla Provost, the acting chief of the Border Patrol, said on Saturday that she is "looking forward" to industry's ideas to "expand" her agency's ability to secure the border with the construction of a planned wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. -- In her very first on-camera interview as acting chief, Provost couldn't say what the final design for the wall will be and wouldn't speculate on details about height and whether a final product could prevent smugglers from digging tunnels up to six feet underground. But she did express some hope when it comes to improving Border Patrol's ability to do its job.......
Fox News         Nawaz: Southern Poverty Law Center put a target on my head 
Video clip -- Tucker Carlson -- On 'The Story,' the former Islamic extremist pushes back on the organization......        Southern Poverty Law Center Belongs On Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate List 
Months from now, you'll be reading a story about Jeff Sessions, and there will be a remark to the effect of “when he's not off speaking to hate groups.” -- And the phrase “speaking to hate groups” will have a hotlink on it. And that hotlink will take you to any number of stories that have appeared in the last day or so since Sessions gave a speech to a group known as the Alliance Defending Freedom. -- The group was in the news recently because of its work in the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer, in which the Court held the church did not lose its right to apply for a state grant to pay for an updated playground simply because it was a church.......


Britain’s Brexit Saga: A Political Soap OperaBy Graham VanbergenJuly 17 2017
The Brexit saga is now becoming something of a soap opera. It is clear that the infighting for top spot in the Tory camp has not settled weeks after Theresa May’s disastrous election gamble. And not only is this particular 
Israel in Palestine as “Dysfunctional Judaism”By Rima NajjarJuly 17 2017
I view Saudi Arabia as a dysfunctional manifestation of Islam. In the same way, I view Israel as a dysfunctional manifestation of Judaism. This is not to mean, I hasten to say, that either Judaism or Islam is inherently at 
Brzezinski Wanted NATO to Become the “Hub of a Globe-Spanning Web” of Security PactsBy Steven MacMillanJuly 17 2017
The end of May marked the death of a man who had been at the center of global affairs for decades. Zbigniew Brzezinski, born in Warsaw in the 1920s, was one of the most influential foreign policy advisers in 
The US Deep State: Sabotaging Putin-Trump Ceasefire Agreement in SyriaBy Federico PieracciniJuly 17 2017
The most eagerly anticipated meeting of the year, that between Putin and Trump, lasted far more than the scheduled 20 minutes, extending past two hours. This is not too much of a surprise given the points of friction that needed 
How Russia-gate Met the Magnitsky MythBy Robert ParryJuly 17 2017
Near the center of the current furor over Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016 is a documentary that almost no one in the West has been allowed to see, a film that flips the 
As Anti-Trump / Anti-Russia Campaign Fails – The Feeding of New LiesBy Moon of AlabamaJuly 17 2017
Featured image: Yascha Mounk (Source: @Yascha_Mounk / Tiwtter)
The U.S. borg is vehemently trying to set up Russia as an enemy of the “west”. Their anti-Russian propaganda has become part of the campaign against U.S. President Trump who seeks 
“Social Murder” by a London Local AuthorityBy Anthony BellchambersJuly 17 2017
One of the richest local authorities in Britain today stands accused of the ‘social murder’ of over eighty residents in one of its council-owned tower blocks. Grenfell Tower
The allegation is that council officials knowingly authorised, specified and paid for 

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