Sunday, June 18, 2017


Dear Patriots,

The largest budget in California history contains none of Gov. Jerry Brown’s promised cuts—but it’s chock full of nasty surprises for taxpayers—including increases in taxes, more money for legal defense of illegal aliens, and expands gun control.

This budget is a far cry from the priorities Gov. Jerry Brown laid out back in January.  When the economy was still struggling, and revenues were skittish, Brown promised cuts to increases in education, subsidized childcare and planned to “phase out a middle-class college scholarship program,” according to a Capitol Radio story.
But that’s not even close to the whole story.
An ABC News/AP Story explains why there are two different budget numbers floating around in press reports:
“The one-year budget takes effect July 1. The $125 billion figure reflects spending from the general fund — the money over which lawmakers have the most control. Including bonds and special funds, the budget is $183 billion.”
When you take into account the entire budget at just under $200 billion—included are the projected revenues from the cigarette, marijuana and gas taxes recently passed—it’s easy to see how so many individual spending items fly under the radar.
Nasty Surprises in California’s $183B budget plan
  • Expands Gun Control
  • Higher Taxes on cigarettes, and gasoline
  • $118M Startup Cash for Marijuana Industry Tax Collection dept.
  • $50M in funding to Planned Parenthood (to offset any federal cuts per LA Times)
  • Prevents any new Federal Immigration Detention contracts with local governments (squash deportations)
  • Expands the Low-Income Tax Credits to those too poor to pay state income tax
  • $50M in Additional Aid for illegal alien legal protection
  • Diverts cigarette tax money to cover MediCal deficit and fully fund medical and dental for welfare recipients
  • Borrows $6B from a state fund to restore CalPERS fund
  • Increases subsidies for childcare by $15.5M for poor
  • Language that keeps Oroville Dam Repair Plan Secret
  • Resets clock in recall elections to prevent Josh Newman recall and protect SuperMajority
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Tim Donnelly
Former California State Assemblyman

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