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Let's Make Real Progress on Welfare Reform
- by Adam Brandon via Washington Examiner
The recent passage of the American Health Care Act through the House of Representatives, though contentious, proves one point definitively: This government is fully capable of making progress when it puts its mind to it.
Now, with meaningful strides being made in such fields as healthcare and tax reform, it's high time lawmakers look ahead to the next major legislative task. And to my mind, there is no system in greater need of reform than the welfare system.
The welfare system has remained largely unchanged since the sweeping bipartisan reforms of 1996 made under former President Bill Clinton, but in the intervening years, we seem to have lost sight of why those reforms were enacted. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act was meant to transform welfare programs into a temporary safety net that gave impoverished families the help they needed to become self-sufficient again by incentivizing full-time employment and financial literacy. Read more here...

Watch Senator Mike Lee Talk About Welfare Reform for FreedomWorks' Welfare Reform Week
The Political Legacy of the Paris Accord Departure
via The Washington Times

Now the Republicans are the party of “the little guy” — the truckers, the farmers, welders, secretaries, waitresses — and the Democrats have become the party of the big money interests, Google, Facebook, George Soros, Bloomberg. Nowhere is this better illustrated than by President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.
The billionaire country club Democrats and their brethren in the media are not going to have their incomes affected like people in the colonies whose livelihood is dependent on abundant low cost energy. We in the “colonies” resent dictatorial policies emanating from the “kingdom of D.C.”
In an eight-minute video with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul ridicules the notion that the oceans will rise 100 feet in the next 100 years by pointing out that the oceans were 300 feet lower eons ago which allowed migration across the Bering Strait. Read more here...
FreedomWorks Book Club Spotlight: "Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think" by Ken Buck
In "Drain the Swamp," Congressman Ken Buck is blowing the whistle on the real-life House of Cards in Washington. Votes going to the highest bidder, lavish parties, ruthless arm-twisting, and so much more. Read about the real side of Washington that you only hear about in the latest Hollywood political drama. Read more here...
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ALEC-FreedomWorks Legislator of the Week
- via ALEC
Senator Gail Griffin is serving her seventh year in the Arizona State Senate representing the 14th District and her third year as Majority Whip. Outside of her work in the legislature, Sen. Griffin is a Real Estate Broker at Sierra Vista Realty where she has worked for over 40 years.
In 1997 Sen. Griffin was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives where she served until 2001 and was then elected to the Arizona State Senate in 2011. Sen. Griffin is also an active member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). She has sponsored and cosponsored legislation focused on providing necessary reforms to Arizona’s education system so that all students across Arizona have the opportunity to succeed. She believes in less government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and the free enterprise system. Read more here...

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains that, despite the Tenth Amendment’s protection of federalism, the Supreme Court has ruled that Congress can use taxpayer money any way it likes. With this loophole, the federal government is able to incentivize states to do whatever it wants, by offering juicy funding grants, or threatening to withhold them. The codification of this kind of bribery has effectively put an end to federalism in the modern age. Watch it here...

FreedomWorks' Book Club Spotlight: "Written Out of History: The Forgotten Founding Fathers Who Fought Big Government" by Sen. Mike Lee
In "Written Out of History," Senator Mike Lee tells the story of liberty's forgotten heroes. In this incredible book, you'll learn the true stories of founders such as Aaron Burr, Mercy Otis Warren, and Canasatego. Read about the limited government advocates that secured our liberties, and how they've been all but erased from history. Get your copy here...
Conservatives Sound Alarm About Senate Health Bill
- via The Wall Street Journal
Conservatives inside and outside the Senate GOP are sounding alarms over the emerging shape of the chamber’s bill to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, a sign that the faction’s support may be increasingly difficult to secure.
Pressure from outside groups has intensified in recent days, and conservative lawmakers have signaled their concern that the Senate bill doesn’t do enough to curb spending on the Medicaid federal-state program for the poor or to reduce health-care premiums—two of their top goals.
“We’re not there yet,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), a leading Senate conservative, said ThursdayRead more here...
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