Sunday, June 18, 2017


Fathers, you have one job.  
There is a tremendous amount written on Father's Day such as; thanking men for their hard work over the year, putting a roof over their family's heads, food on the table, and clothes on their backs.  That is very praised work, and I salute it!  However, I'd like to touch on a touchy subject. I want to talk about the most important job a father has, and that is turning his son into a man.  Don't get me wrong father's love and dote on their daughters, daddy's little girl can do no wrong, just ask any father who has attended a tea party with stuffed animals. Ask any teenage boy who wants to date his daughter about the health risks associated with touching his daughter in the wrong manner.

Now for the sons. When a man takes part in bringing a boy into this world, he has one job. Make that boy a man. Not merely a boy over 18 but a man. How does he do this? By teaching his son that a boy creates a baby, but a man raises a child. A boy calls a woman a bitch, but a man calls her a lady.  A boy hurts a woman, but a man dies preventing her from being hurt.  A boy grabs a woman's butt in public, but a man pulls out her chair and opens her door. When a boy sees something horrible happening, he films it for his social media, but a man steps in and stops it.  A boy sees somebody in need, and he ignores it, but a man comes in and resolves it.  A boy cries, whines and throws a tantrum about his feelings but a man logically concludes a win-win solution sometimes with tears.

To all you father's out there that understand that your one job is to raise a man and spend every day doing it, I salute you. Our society needs more alpha-males that understand the responsibility that comes with the title "Man," and you are the only ones that can produce them.

Happy Fathers Day.

All my love,


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