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MUTH'S TRUTHS 06/21/2017

Since Donald Trump’s election last fall, the left and its amen corner in the fake news media have been falling all over themselves to hand the Republican president an electoral loss to “prove” he’s weak and a drag on the re-election prospects of GOP congress-critters in 2018.

Things haven’t quite worked out too well for them.

So far Republicans have won every single special election that’s been held to replace a Member of Congress who was appointed to a position in the Trump administration.  EVERY…ONE. 

And that includes Republican Karen Handel’s stunning victory over DemocratJon Ossoff in Georgia yesterday after Democrats from coast-to-coast kicked in over $30 MILLION(!) to steal the 6th Congressional District seat.  Pretty lousy return on investment I’d say.

So thorough has the Democrats’ failure been that the fake news media has been forced to spin the electoral losses as being by “narrower margins” (Associated Press) than expected.

Hey, you know what they call a Republican who wins a congressional race by a narrow margin?  Congressman.  Or Congresswoman.

And how did the folks at the Fake News Central (CNN) take Handel’s victory and President Trump once again escaping their effort to emasculate his administration?  Take a look at this absolutely precious screen shot.

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As my friend Richard Viguerie of ConservativeHQ put it this morning, we’re “laughing our Ossoff.” 

And as another friend, Bill Saracino of Stars & Stripes PAC (which did yeoman’s work in the race boosting black turnout for the GOP candidate), put it, “I think the CNN crew needs grief counseling.”

And the Trump Train steams forward.  Time for the rest of the GOP’s “Never Trumpers” to hop onboard…or else.


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  In other electoral news, Republicans also won the special election in South Carolina yesterday.  As a bonus, the Republican, Ralph Norman, is also a solid conservative. #MAGA!

Freedom Fest2017



“You can take the smartest kid at Wharton, the one who gets straight A’s and has a 170 IQ, and if he doesn’t have the instincts, he’ll never be a successful entrepreneur.” – Donald Trump, “Art of the Deal” (1987)



Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced yesterday a budget request that includes, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “$120 million to restart licensing of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project and develop interim storage that could include the Nevada National Security Site.”

And the finger-in-the-wind NIMBY political panderers in Nevada had a collective meltdown.

My favorite reaction was this one from freshman Rep. Jackie Rosen (D-Derpa-Derpastan) who appears to have been anointed over uber-leftist Rep. Dina Titus as the Democrats’ chosen candidate for U.S. Senate next year…

“I’m appalled to see how tone-deaf this administration is in refusing to listen to the collective voice of an entire state.”

How cute.  How naïve.  How politically clueless.

First, there is no longer a “collective voice” of opposition in Nevada.  As technology has developed and the political winds have shifted, more and more Nevadans are open to at least having a discussion on the potential benefits of doing the nation this service.

But secondly, and more importantly, how tone-deaf do you have to be to think the Trump administration is going to side with one tiny little state that went for Hillary Clinton last year vs. the collective voices of the other 49 states? 



“I understand this is a politically sensitive topic for some, but we can no longer kick the can down the road.” – Energy Secretary Rick Perry on re-starting the site evaluation study of the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Research Park

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