Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Terror-Tied Finsbury Mosque Suspect ‘tried to kill himself six weeks ago by throwing himself into a Cardiff river and begged to be sectioned’

How come when an assailant shouts "Allahu akbar," the claims of insanity are usually made at the outset? We now learn that the Finsbury attacker recently begged to be hospitalized after attempting suicide.

Jihad in Belgium (again): Explosion at Brussels train station, suicide attacker shot

A train station in Brussels, Belgium, was evacuated today after an explosion, a senior Belgian law enforcement official told ABC News.

Remembering Neda: The Death of Freedom Movement in Iran

Neda Soltan joined the peaceful protests in Iran. She was shot dead by the Islamic Republic in cold blood in broad daylight in front of the world.

Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” causes panic on subway

A Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” made people flee for their lives during a terrorism scare at a Metro station in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Looking back at our ad campaign on every clock in the NYC subway system. It's rather prescient.

WATCH: CBS Anchor Pelley Calls GOP Congressional Shooting ‘Self-Inflicted’

As I said in my article a few days back "The Coming Civil War," the left has declared war -- everywhere -- in the schools, in the streets, in the media, the movies, the music, etc. And people are taking a stand. Pelley's remarks are grotesque and savage, but not surprising. He considers himself a General in the war of ideas (despite his termination from 60 Minutes). The media has been on the vanguard in the war on Americanism, freedom and individual rights.

Marco Rubio Submits a Terror-Tied Sharia Resolution Against Islamophobia

The resolution includes the claim that...
Whereas, in 2015, hate crimes targeting Muslims in the United States increased by 67 percent...
Mind you that includes, tweets that Muslims find critical or offensive. We count bodies, they count tweets.

Woman, 28, ‘raped nine times by three asylum seekers in Germany’

Only nine? These must be the progressive migrants.

Trucker KILLED at Roadblock Set Up by Muslim Migrants in Calais

Where is Macron? No speeches from PM May at 10 Downing vowing to stamp out this hate? No marches for truck drivers? No flowers?

An Independent Kurdistan?

The Kurds in Northern Iraq are holding a referendum on independence on September 25. This could be a momentous event, and not just for Iraq.

Muslim Millennials Embrace Jihad, Ours Want Scooters for Adults

Our millennials don't reproduce, don't want to serve in the army, and don't believe in their own civilization, but despise it as a legacy of colonialism, slavery and imperialism. They are doomed.

Sudan: Christians Issued Fines for Selling Food During Ramadan

The court in El Gedaref has fined people, including Christians, for selling food and tea during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Trump’s Right: Millions of Noncitizens Have Been Voting

President Donald Trump is proving quite right about the rate of illegals and noncitizens voting in American elections.

Sweden: Leaked Police Report Lists 8 New No-Go Areas — 23 in Total

So there's no such thing as no-go zones, where Sharia dominates and law and order are imposed by Islamic fanatics? Check out Sweden.

London Jihad Terrorist Youssef Zaghba Was ‘Unyielding in His Views on Islam,’ His Mother Says

“He was becoming more and more unyielding in his views on Islam.”

Ramadan Rage Ratchets This Year, With Triple the Jihad Kills Than 2016

Ramadan rage is reallly intense this year, with three times as many jihadi murders during this Muslim holy month's celebrations than in 2016.

Hizballah Flags Fly at ‘Al Quds Day’ March in London as Muslims Blame Grenfell Tower Tragedy on ‘Zionists’

Earlier today, during the annual Al Quds Day march, the streets of London were filled with the flags of Hezbollah.

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