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Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (June 21st, 2017)

Ed Note: First...I'd like to say that InfoWars and Steve Quayle's websites are now listed again (below), after several Tweets yesterday, obviously corrected the problem. They both understand that I am promoting THEM by networking their website content (less advertisements) and often enough....thousands of new viewers visit their sites directly. An example was the recent Bill Still (Comey) presentation seen by over 85,000 viewers, a great report by our own Ziad in New York. John Rolls (Before it's News) and Pastor Lee Gliddon Jr's website "ConPats" draws-in thousands of new viewers to the Bertrand Daily Report and articles.

Other latest news (below) is the concern for a delicate situation evolving with N. Korea. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and recent conflicts with Russia. All happening at the same time this week, the probability for a major event is looming. N. Korea has 70 plus submarines and the U.S. has admitted in the past, "many go undetected." A report says that one might be cruising the Pacific off the coast of California. If that's the case, it's time to review emergency plans for whatever could come our way. Analysts believe the likely event would be an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) explosion in our atmosphere....causing a complete shutdown of everything we take for granted. Sources say that North Korea is now capable....
---Dave Bertrand

Note: now has an additional shortwave frequency of 9.395 Mhz in addition to 7.490 Mhz and 13.845 Mhz

Today's Featured Article / Report

When It Comes To EMP Preparedness You Only Have Two Choices
By James Walton

The trouble with the EMP blast is that you will have no time for evasive maneuvers. If it hasn’t been planned for, stored away or protected then it will be lost. Most electronic items and items containing electronics will become little more than piles of plastic and metal.

What lies on the store shelves in that moment, the food, the tools, the medicines will be the last items to rest on those shelves. Within hours of the blast you will see calamity in the streets. You will witness the very worst from humanity as they struggle to eke out the last easy fix on food and water that they are going to get.

If the EMP comes from the sun the best scientists may know about it. Those with their eyes to the skies could see it coming. The problem is before it reaches earth that information would have to be given to world governments and then an announcement made to the public. This process would take too long and the solar blast would reach us in a matter of minutes.

There is no forewarning for an EMP. If you aren’t prepared than you will be faced with an uphill battle. That said, if we were to get any type of warning some scientists believe that electronics that are turned off could fair better than those which are left active. Consider this from

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'Death does not appear to be random homicide'...


Susan Rice Unmasking Documents to Be 'Locked Up' in Obama Library for Next 5 Years  (D.B.: Perfect ! A fake library to cover-up Obama crimes?)

Mika Brzezinski: There Are 'Literally' No Real Men in the White House Who Can Stop Trump

(D.B.: The "Deep State" are setting America up for WWIII)

Dear Democrats / Media: ICYMI Last Night Was A Referendum On You, Not Trump (D.B.: This is a major blow to the Democrat Party)





Trump VS Holder? Obama’s Attorney General to Run in 2020 (D.B.: Let's hope so...because we need to further expose "Fast and Furious"!

STONEWALL: NSC Buries Susan Rice’s Unmasking Docs at Obama Library (D.B.: Simple...go after Obama for "Obstruction of Justice!")


Spoiling for a Wider War in SyriaBy Robert ParryJune 21 2017
The U.S. mainstream media’s near universal demonization of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin – along with similar hatred directed toward Iran and Hezbollah – has put the world on a path toward World War III.
Ironically, …
Phony US Congress Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF): Justification for US Military OperationsBy Stephen LendmanJune 21 2017
On September 14, 2011, congressional Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF),giving the president power to use “all necessary and appropriate force” against parties involved in the 9/11 attacks, flagrantly violated international and constitutional law.
Security Council members alone …
“Self-determination”: Why Kosovo Will Never Become Part of AlbaniaBy Jasna KrivokapicevaJune 21 2017
Thanks to the second count of votes took place after the early parliamentary elections in the so-called “Republic of Kosovo”, new data on voting results were published. As a result of the June 11 elections, the most votes were received 
Israel’s Dirty Little SecretBy Philip GiraldiJune 21 2017
At a recent panel discussion in Washington, screenwriter, film director and producer Oliver Stone briefly addressed the issue of alleged Russian interference in the recent national election, observing that “Israel interfered in the U.S. election far more than Russia and 
Dangerous Development: Iranian Missile Launch into Syria Against ISIS Puts US in Precarious PositionBy Patrick HenningsenJune 21 2017
Yesterday, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard announced that it had fired several missiles at ISIS positions in the Deir Az Zor province in Syria. The reason given for this unprecedented military strike was retaliation for double terrorist attacks which struck Tehran two 
The Body Count Rises in the U.S. War Against Black PeopleBy Ajamu BarakaJune 21 2017
Before we can even process the acquittal of the murders of Philado Castile, we hear about another murder of a black person by the police occupation forces. This time the victim,Charleena Lyles, is a black woman who 
Below is an interview of RT with Aamer Anwar, a Human Rights Campaigner, on the criminal investigation of Grenfell Tower incident. 



Citizen technology and patrolling the border

Washington Examiner          Half of Oregon's criminal illegals held for sex crimes, 83% are Mexican 
In a report that has national implications, almost half of the illegal immigrants held in Oregon jails in May faced serious sex crimes including rape, abuse and sodomy. -- Of 969 illegals held in jail for that one month, 461 have been charged with the three sex crimes. -- A majority are being held in Portland and Salem area jails, according to the report from immigration expert David Olen Cross, whose report is based on statistics from Oregon's Department Corrections and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers. -- Most, over 83 percent, were from Mexico, according to Cross.......
Free Beacon  Drop in Summer Work for Teenagers Linked to Increased Immigration 
The rise of low-skill immigration in recent decades, combined with other factors, has reduced the ability of teenagers to get summer jobs, according to the Atlantic. -- "In the summer of 1978, 60 percent of teens were working or looking for work," the Atlantic‘s Derek Thompson recently wrote. "Last summer, just 35 percent were." -- One reason why teens work less today is that immigrants fill more jobs, such as restaurant servers and retail salespeople, while experienced American workers also compete for these positions.......
York Daily Record         Pa. ag economy will thrive without illegal immigration 
In the June 10 edition of the Wall Street Journal, an opinion piece titled “Fiestas and Apple Orchards: Small-Town Life Before Trump” offers a romanticized view of illegal immigration in Pennsylvania. -- The author, Dickinson College professor Crispin Sartwell, paints an idyllic image of the “vibrant, intersectional culture” of York Springs, Pa., where the streets are purportedly lined with “Mexican food trucks and children playing fútbol” and a bona-fide real estate revival is well underway thanks to “townspeople [fixing] up old houses.” -- That is, until Donald Trump was elected president.......
KGBT      Border Patrol arrests Mexican just 6 days after the federal government deported him 
Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican man near La Joya on Saturday --- just six days after the federal government deported him. -- Agents arrested Alfredo Romero-Rios near La Joya on Saturday. -- "Record checks revealed the Defendant was formally Deported/Excluded from the United States on June 11, 2017 through Hidalgo, Texas," according to the federal criminal complaint against him. -- Romero is charged with illegal re-entry.......
Gateway Pundit          

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