Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Democrat Senators Ready to Limit the First Amendment because of Threats of Violence from Liberals

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Democrat goes on Racist Rampage on Senator Tim Scott

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Finally, Proof of Collusion between Russia… and the Democrats

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Liberal Feminist Camille Paglia says the Democrat Party has Destroyed Journalism! 
Despite Media Prophecies of Doom – GOP just Keeps Winning! 
Ted Cruz: Voters Don’t Care about Russia! 
Otto Warmbier’s Murder by North Korea is Barack Obama’s Legacy to America 
New Report: Top Election Official Found “No Credible Evidence of Election Tampering” 
Karen Handel Victory Speech, Democrat Depression Sets In 
The Ultimate Witch Hunt 
Trump’s Cuba U-Turn: A Return to the Cold War? 
Liberal San Jose, CA says – ‘A Wall for Us, but Not for You’ 
We Can Stop the Violence before it Begins 

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News You Can Use for June 21, 2017 
More Trump Assassination Propaganda From Leftist Celebs Hits Web 
Trump Sends YUGE Message to Kim Jong Un in Wake of Otto Warmbier’s Death 
Obama 2008 Victory Questioned After New Voting Data Revealed 
Explosions Reported in Belgium Train Station As Terror Fear Grips Europe 
Mexico Takes Huge Step Against Cartels, Legalizes Medical Marijuana 
North Korea Apologists Emerge From The Left After Prisoner’s Death 
Russia Continues Harassment of U.S. Military with Dangerous Aerial Maneuver 
How to Reduce Political Strife and Violence in America 
James Comey and a Series of Unfortunate “Misspeaks” 
Democrats Using their Whole Bag of Tricks 
Mainstream Media Attempting to Normalize Pedophila as an “Orientation”? 
Escalating Tension with Russia: US Hits Syrians, Russia Cuts Communication 
Supreme Court says Government Can’t Ban “Offensive” Trademarks 
President Trump Announces Apprenticeship Program and Calls for National Unity 

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