Wednesday, June 7, 2017


An Illegal Alien Raped a 15-Yr.-Old Girl As More U.S. Cities Consider Sanctuary Policies

While cities across America vow to protect illegally present aliens at any cost – with still others considering their own “sanctuary city” bills that would make them a haven for the undocumented – a previously deported felon living in Ohio raped a 15 yeard-old girl.

The U.K. Just Found Over 1,200 More Cases Of Female Genital Mutilation In Three Months

'It looks like the United States isn’t the only country dealing with an uptick in cases of female genital mutilation.
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Couple Finds Their Own Stolen SUV, Holds the Thieves At Gunpoint

'In a case of classic American vigilante justice, a couple found the people who stole their SUV and held them at gunpoint until the police arrived.
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Chicago Union Creates a Ringtone Reminding Illegals Of Their Rights

'The ringtone for illegal immigrants lets them know their rights if confronted by authorities.
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LGBT Activists Are All-In For Virginia's First Transgender Candidate

'If you're concerned about transgender bathroom policies in public schools, you should probably keep an eye on this local Virginia race.
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Berkeley Student Health Plan Now Covers Laser Hair Removal For Transgender Students

'The University of California, Berkeley’s student health insurance plan will now cover laser hair removal and “fertility preservation” for students who are transitioning genders.
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