Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Georgia GOP candidate Destroys Democrat Opponent in Debate, Mocks his Hollywood Credentials

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Watch: California Democrat Runs Away from Upset Voters

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Muslim Man Rescues 64 Christians from being Murdered by ISIS

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President Trump makes Surprise Announcement of New FBI Director Nomination 
Comey only Answering Questions He Likes? 
Trump Advisor Goes on CNN and Calls the Network “Fake News” 
Senator Rand Paul: Find and Prosecute ALL of the Leakers 
Free Speech Defender Jordan Peterson Explains why we Must Fight Against Postmodernism 
Leaked NSA Document Outlines Russia’s Extensive Effort to Meddle in 2016 Election 
Ramadan Marked by Islamic Terror Attacks Across the Globe 
Where’s the Beef? 
Backlash after Uber Charges more for Pickup in Terrorist Attack Zone 
The Invasion that Saved the World: D-Day June 6, 1944 

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Oh No! Al Gore is Back! 
News You Can Use for June 7, 2017 
London, Melbourne, and Paris all Attacked by Muslims in the Last 3 Days 
Democrats: Still living in an alternate universe! 
Missile Defense to North Korean Missile Attack Successfully Tested This Week 
NATO’s Secretary General Voices Full Support for President Trump 
Senate Launched Major Investigation into Clinton Corruption Scandal 
The “Cult-Like” Atmosphere on Liberal College Campuses 
The Leftist Lie of 97% Consensus on Climate Change Alarmism 
How Israel Changed the World – by Defending Itself 
Not Your Beast of Burden 
Canadian Law Allows Children to Be Snatched From Parents Due To… 
German Thought Police Fine Elderly Women for Migrant Joke on Facebook 
Hillary Believes That Understanding Radical Islamic FOOD Will Stop Terrorism 
Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts American Bomber Amid Rising Tensions 

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