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Why is the Green Climate Fund costing the U.S. a fortune?

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Why is the Green Climate Fund costing the U.S. a fortune?
by Scott Humor
So far, the US government has paid $1 billion to the GCF and the Russian government paid nothing citing the need to review and evaluate this hair-raising financial and political mechanism.
In The Air Merchant, one of the most read novels of Alexander Belyaev a Soviet Russian writer of science fiction, a British villain Bayley uses a gigantic air-sucking device, built by Swedish scientist Engelbrecht to slowly steal the Earth’s atmosphere in order to condense oxygen into pill form and to set up a production of “air.”
Gradually, his manufacturing sucks up nearly all the air on the planet, making him immensely rich. At the end, he swallows a handful of his air pills killing himself, while the Russia’s intelligence team saves the planet by getting inside his fortified Arctic island, stopping the oxygen consuming production and releasing the stored oxygen back into the Earth’s atmosphere.
What makes this 1929 book current is that the air-pills manufacturing  process caused severe weather fluctuations accompanied by storms and hurricanes, torrential rains and droughts, and that made humanity to pay up big money to Mr. Bayley.
What has stuck with me during all these years since I read this novel as a kid was an understanding that manufacturing processes can be manipulated to achieve weather-changing results, and that a terrified humanity would pay lots of money to someone who would promise them to fix the weather.
An immense financial scheme that we know of as “Climate Change” is set up with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as its financial instrument and the Paris Accord as its political instrument to make governments funnel $100 trillion of their public money into private pockets in the next 20 years.
It’s almost as much as it was funneled, by some estimates, from Russia’s economy into Western coffers during the 90s and the beginning of the 00s.
It’s all in jeopardy now due to the decisions of the Russian government not to ratify the Paris Accord pending their assessment of the financial aspect of the deal, and also due to the Trump’s administration emergency decision to withdraw the US signature from the Paris Accord and with it to seize the financial support of this money laundering scheme.
The sense of emergency with which President Trump addressed his constituents on June 1st was palpable: “… in order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord…”
“Thus, as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country.  This includes ending the implementation of the nationally determined contribution and, very importantly, the Green Climate Fund which is costing the United States a vast fortune.”
The feedback of his decision was hysterical to put it mildly. Every time we witness such an orchestrated voices of the EU apparatchiks and the corporate media like a Greek tragedy chorus predicting the end of the world, we know that somewhere, somehow, another public money faucet feeding the deep state and its militant operations around the world has been cut.
In the middle of this pay-for-weather financial scheme sits the Green Climate Fund or GCF.  The UK Overseas Development Institute (ODI) characterizes the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as “the newest actor in the multilateral climate finance architecture and the entity of the Financial Mechanism of the UNFCCC.”
According to the mission statement on its website: “The GCF was formally established in 2010 to contribute to the achievement of the ultimate objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by financing climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives in developing countries.
Russia is classified by UNFCCC as an Annex I party and the “economies in transition” (EITs).
The Annex II parties, including the EU and U.S., are required to provide financial and technical support to the EITs and developing countries to assist them in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions (climate change mitigation) and manage the impacts of climate change (climate change adaptation).
President Trump in his announcement of U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement has criticized the Green Climate Fund, calling it a “scheme to redistribute wealth from rich to poor countries.”
On a face of it, the Paris Accord looks like a good deal for the developing nations to receive new technologies, but in reality it’s not, since being a financial pyramid scheme  designed to make the sovereign governments to shoulder all the financial obligations and risks without any ways to oversight and control the process. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that private Western companies and their shareholders are revealed to be the main beneficiaries of this scheme. Add to this a political pressure on the sovereign governments and the direct interference of the GCF with their law enforcement.
A current chairperson of the GCF is Howard Bamsey, “a prominent figure in climate change diplomacy.”  His actual job title is the Executive Director of the GCF Secretariat, located in Songdo, Republic of Korea.
The Harvard Business School graduate, H. Bamsey had an amusing albeit slightly mystifying career in the field of “climate change.”  He started as an Australian Ambassador to the UN in 1995. moved to serve as a Deputy Secretary of the Department of Climate Change for the Australian Government in 1995 – 1997, as a  Special Envoy on Climate Change 2007 – 2010 and a Special Adviser, Sustainable Development Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian Government, after that he was appointed as a Special Adviser on Green Growth in the AusAID in 2011 – 2013 and a Director General of  the Global Green Growth Institute.
Among his honors and awards his Wikipedia page lists Member of the Order of Australia, established by the Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, and given for ‘Service in a particular locality or field of activity or to a particular group.”
Curiously, I couldn’t find his name on the List of the Members of the Order of Australia published by Wikipedia.
In 2017 administrative budget of the GCF is $45.7 million  with the  total allocation for 2017 to be USD 45,666,356.
Mr. Bamsey’s  GCF Board Co-Chair Ayman Shasly is representing Saudi Arabia.  Needless to say that the fund activities are being enthusiastically supported by the Australian coal producers as much as the Saudi Arabia’s petroleum and natural gas producers.
Just to give you a glimpse into how public money is being funneled into a few chosen private hands, here an assessment made by an Australian consumer watchdog the Environment Victoria.
Since the 2012 introduction of the carbon tax, states the EV, “electricity generators have passed on over 100% of the carbon price to retailers, while keeping $1 billion in cash compensation payments aimed to help heavy polluters make a transition to low emission generation.
The Australia’s Energy Market Operator  suggests that prices have increased by AUS$21 per MWh since the tax was implemented. “Unless compensation payments from the Energy Security Fund are reviewed, generators could make windfall profits between $2.3 billion to $5.4 billion, depending on a future carbon price.”
That might explain why the head of the GCF Board and the Developed country Co-Chair Ewen McDonald  are both Australians, working hard and helping their manufacturers to get ahead of the herd.
Just this one example shows that a map of green climate investments is very misleading, and doesn’t reflect the reality of the money flow.
The mechanism of the pay-for-weather scheme in great details described in a book titled the Financial Engineering of Climate Investment in Developing Countries written by Dr. Søren E. Lütken, a  Senior Climate Finance Adviser at UNEP DTU Partnership. UNEP DTU Partnership (formerly UNEP Risø Centre) is a UNEP collaborating centre operating under a tripartite agreement between Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, UNEP and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and is a leading international research and advisory institution on climate, energy and sustainable development.
Dr. Lütken’s book is a treasure-trove of insights into how this financial scheme is being “engineered” and how the money is being flown through its pipes.
Why would anyone want to mine gas and oil, when you can mine money instead?
Once awarded by the GCF’s opaque decision making group, the money are being paid into the private hands automatically without demands for benchmarks or for any measurable results.
For example on the page 131, the author argues that implementation of the RBF or Result Based Financing, instead of automatic payments as it’s practiced now, would be a bad idea. “…result based finance — implying that a financing plan for a certain activity can be in jeopardy if the private company does not perform according to specifications — would only lead to potential bankruptcy, which would be in neither of the parties’ interest.
Interim bridge financing needs to be established, and a bridge financier will have to believe, more so then the result-based financier who seems to not believe, in the ability of the private investor to deliver the results.”
The finance vehicles of the pay-for-weather scheme are set up in such way as to create a permanent money drain on public resources.
As bank loans are in actuality just a give-away with the public financial backing, the other form of financing, bond issuance, has even less appeal.
“In this case it would be a developed country green bond. Mixed credits with green bond financing  could be an option for the GCF to activate the institutional investors in supported finance.
The grant element addressing the fact that the financing to cover the incremental cost in whichever way and whenever it materializes in the financing structure or secularization model, is not an investment. It is a constant drain, and the financing to cover it may have to be injected somewhere in the financing plan. The choice stands between the four distinct levels in the financing value chain.
Due to its nature (a constant drain) it will have to be provided by national or international public sector institutions as support of the asset (GCF incremental costs), support of the finance, or support of the risk cover through government-backed guarantees.  The grant element in the mixed credit corresponds to support of the finance.” p. 126
As for the government-donors overseeing their “climate investments” it’s not just made to be severally limited, but outright impossible.
“A subgroup for the Private Sector Facility has been established among the GCF Board’s 24 members.  While the subgroup may have more in-depth interaction with a private sector, the GCF Board keeps such interactions at a minimum, only occasionally allowing two active observers from civil society organizations and two from private sector organizations, representing developed and developing countries, to participate in the meetings.” p. 128. “This may for instance  be the Third World Network and the Sierra Club, representing civil society, and private sector representatives from the Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) and the International Chamber of Commerce.”
Even more troubling that in addition to the insertion of a financial drain to public money and blocking the sovereign governments from control and regulation of their payments for weather,  the GCF sets itself as a supranational entity capable of controlling  the national law enforcement under the guise of the risk reduction guarantee.
“Other types of risks that the ECA’s (Energy Coordinating Agency) do not cover, which are clear objects for the GCF involvement, are changes in framework conditions that do not stem from changes of law – for instance, subtle changes in practices of law enforcement, which (normally)  would be beyond coverage from the ECAs.”
According to Lütken, what makes the GCF a major player is a potential to manipulate law enforcement on both sides, the donor countries and the host countries, by using the threats to their “standing” by threatening to damage their attractiveness to other NAMA-related financing, and “possibly the standing in international climate negotiations. Here the GCF would be a central player…”
Featured Image: Paris Accord promised lands (in blue)
Scott Humor
Director of Research and Development
In case you have forgotten what happened in Ukraine, this book should refresh your memory with the incredibly precise and humorous chronicles: ANTHOLOGY OF RUSSIAN HUMOR: FROM MAIDAN TO TRUMP

   LaRouche PAC -June 7, 2017 Updates

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    UPDATE: Don't Swallow the Media Induced Pessimism — The New World Economic System of Win Win Cooperation  is Already in Place

June 7, 2017
Americans (and Europeans) who are subjected to a 24-7 barrage of reports on worldwide disasters, on Trump facing impeachment, on the world about to burn up from global warming, and more and more fake news, fake science, and induced pessimism — get over it! The world has changed.
The momentum of history today is defined by the tremendous victory for Mankind consolidated at the May 14-15 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China, followed by the May 24-26 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia. These forums went far beyond presenting hopeful visions of a distant future, but presented a mapping of the transformation of the entire globe which has taken place over the past few years through the New Silk Road process, while achieving a commitment on behalf of the vast majority of the human race to continue that process at an accelerated rate.
And the United States was a participant in that process, as President Trump sent a senior delegate to Beijing, and as 300 leading US industrialists attended St. Petersburg. The participation of Helga Zepp-LaRouche at the Belt and Road Forum, and in forums and press interviews across China for two weeks following that event, demonstrated the recognition in China that she and her husband, Lyndon LaRouche, had initiated the process, back in the 1990s, to replace the Cold War with development projects connecting nations physically and culturally, as the original Silk Road had done in the past.
Helga today addressed the U.S. members of the LaRouche organization on the urgency of lifting the population out of the controlled environment created by the disintegrating political parties, the neocons, and the failing mass media. Is the infrastructure in your city crumbling, as it is in New York City? Ask yourself, what would China do? Within a year or two, China would replace the rot with new, high-speed rail, maglev subways, nuclear powered energy generation, new education and health facilities. And, with the Belt and Road Initiative, together with the development banks they have created, China is taking that process to the rest of the world — including (if we accept) to the United States.
This is what Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy would have done. This is what LaRouche proposed, in great detail, over the past 50 years, since Kennedy was killed by those who despised his vision and scientific optimism. Helga reviewed today how this organization prepared extensive development proposals for Africa, for Ibero-America, for the Indian-Pacific Ocean Basin, and for North America, together with the return to the creditary policies of Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt which would facilitate such great projects. But these are precisely the proposals being implemented today, under the leadership of China and Russia!
There is no time to lose in awakening the American and European people to the new paradigm which is standing directly in front of them, but obscured by the lying press and by their own fears and pessimism. Thus far, President Trump has refused to back down to the new McCarthism orchestrated by the British and their assets in the U.S., who believe that the population has been so "dumbed-down" that they will accept the absurdity that being friends with Russia and China is a crime against American freedom and democracy.
It will not work. The LaRouche organization is strategically situated, with the solutions in hand, to break through the morass, to bring the United States and Europe fully into the New Silk Road, to restore the Glass-Steagall legislation and Hamiltonian national banking, and to join with the rest of the world in pushing forward the frontiers of human knowledge, creating a future worthy of the dignity of mankind, here on Earth and in our future colonies in space.

Tillerson: Trump Is Clear—Continue Improving Russia Relations

June 6 (EIRNS)—Speaking in New Zealand after meeting with Prime Minister Bill English, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was asked about the accusation that Russia interfered in the U.S. election, and whether it would bring down the Trump administration.
“I can’t really comment on any of that because I don’t have any direct knowledge,” Tillerson said. “The President’s been clear to me: Do not let what’s happened over here in the political realm prevent you from the work that you need to do on this relationship [with Russia], and he’s been quite clear with me ... that we might make progress. I’m really not involved in any of these other issues.”

Federal Contractor Arrested for Leaking NSA Fake News on Russia

June 6 (EIRNS)—Reality Winner, a 25-year-old federal contractor, has been arrested for leaking an NSA document to The Intercept. The document claims that Russia’s military intelligence, GRU, attempted to hack U.S. companies that provide election software. The NSA document, leaked to coincide with the upcoming Senate Intelligence Committee testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, purports to show GRU attempts to disrupt the U.S. election. Like all the leaks on this subject, no evidence is presented, just intelligence assessments of the alleged leak.
But this time, the leaker has been caught and arrested. Winner was in the Air Force for the last six years as a linguist specializing in Farsi, Dari and Pashto. She spent six months of her active duty assigned to Ft. Meade, Maryland, the NSA headquarters. In February, she transitioned out of the Air Force to a job at Pluribus International, an Alexandria, Virginia company that provides linguistic and intelligence analysis to the government. According to press accounts, Winner is part of the anti-Trump movement. She was a Bernie Sanders supporter, attended the women’s march, and is an avid greenie, posting attacks on Trump over the pipelines and the Paris climate agreement withdrawal.
Winner supposedly printed out the document on an NSA printer and mailed it to The Intercept. She also supposedly was in email correspondence with The Intercept from her work computer. Five other people are also reported to have printed out the document.
Obviously many questions are raised by this affair.

Qatar Is a Flank of the British Empire

June 6 (EIRNS)—Whereas many in Europe fear that the move against Qatar might lead to a dangerous confrontation with Iran, some anti-neocon circles believe that this is a game-changer. These circles point to the major role played by Qatar not only in backing terrorism, but especially in being a moneybags for the British Empire and their allies.
Qatar has the largest sovereign fund in the world, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), with $335 billion. It has bought into several megabanks, becoming the main shareholder of Deutsche Bank, Barclays and Credit Suisse for instance. And it is the main shareholder of the London Stock Exchange, with 10.31% (second largest is BlackRock with 3.91 %).
It also holds about a 17% stake in the Volkswagen Group, as well as investments in Sainsbury’s. The French government has made Qatar a strategic partner, and the list of partnerships between the two states includes Lagardère, Total, EADS, Technip, Air Liquide, Vinci SA, GDF, Suez, Veolia, Vivendi, Royal Monceau, France Telecom, and Areva. In February 2009, France accorded special investment privileges to Qatar and its state-owned enterprises; one example is capital gains exemptions in France.
In 2010, Qatar Holding, an indirect subsidiary of QIA, purchased the Harrods Group from Mohamed Al-Fayed. In the same year, Qatar Investment Authority was part of an investment group known as Filmyard Holdings, that purchased Miramax from Disney.
Qatar is Al Jazeera, which was morphed from the BBC Arab Bureau, and which played a key role in building the so-called “Arab Spring” regime change narrative.
Qatar has financed Hamas, Al Nusra and the forces opposing General Haftar in Libya. It is the only country to host a diplomatic office of the Afghan Taliban.
An article in emphasizes the connections between the Qatar ruling family, Al Thani, and “the Clintonians”: “The Al Thani family has been the Clintonians’ local ally to destabilize (read: finance) terrorism. This family is closely linked to the Clintons: There have been rumors of a money transfer from the Clinton Foundation just before the lost elections, to the Qatar central bank. Lies? Maybe. But for sure, Clinton and Al Thani have always been one and the same things, and today games are changing.”

Assad: Qatar Came First, with British and French Backing

June 6 (EIRNS)—Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in an interview on India’s WION TV on June 3 (before the Saudi et al. move against Qatar), was asked who is to blame for the terrorist scourge in Syria. He responded:
“Mainly, who started this conflict was Qatar under the supervision and the endorsement of the Western countries, mainly France and U.K., at the very beginning, but when you talk about France and U.K., they wouldn’t do something without the permission of the United States. We all know that the real mentor is the United States, but they allow others to play different roles. So, if you want to blame about who supported the terrorists and who started this blood-letting and blood-shedding in Syria, it was the West and Qatar, and later Saudi Arabia, one year later joined the same effort, and of course Turkey; we wouldn’t forget Turkey which was the main player with the terrorists in Syria from the very, very beginning.”
He also said that there was progress now: “The situation has improved dramatically, let’s say, because the terrorist groups, mainly ISIS and al-Nusra and like-minded groups in Syria who are Wahhabi terrorist extremist groups, are retreating, or let’s say the area under their control has been shrinking. So, the situation on the ground, from a military point of view, is much better than before. But this is not the whole picture; it’s not only about military conflict, it’s about different things, about the ideology that they try to spread in our region, which is the most dangerous challenge that we may face in the near and long term.
“Second, it’s about the support that those terrorist groups have been gaining from regional countries like Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and European and Western countries like the United States, France, and U.K., mainly, which mark a new era in the world where you can use terrorism, any kind of terrorism, to implement a political agenda. This is something more dangerous than any other danger that we may face in our modern world.”


Kaptur Calls for Glass-Steagall Debate at Rules Committee, Restore ‘Golden Age’ of American Growth

June 6 (EIRNS)—Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), supported by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), testified this evening to the House Rules Committee and asked it to “set up a fair debate on reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act” in the House, to return a “healthier, more competitive, sounder banking system instead of rampant speculation.” She said, “This rests on separating risky speculation from prudent banking ... Glass-Steagall separation.”
Kaptur told the Committee that the decades in which Glass-Steagall was the nation’s primary bank regulation “have been referred to as a golden era” of economic growth, plentiful lending credit, and fair interest paid to consumers on deposits. She said that nearly two-thirds of the community banks which served that era had disappeared since the 1990s when Glass-Steagall was eliminated, and the number of credit unions has been cut in half. Kaptur denounced the six biggest U.S. banks making $141 billion a year in profits while “Grandma Moses earns nothing on her CD.”
“Bernie Sanders campaigned on breaking up these banks,” Kaptur said. “So did Donald Trump. Both parties’ platforms endorsed it, and the RNC wasted fewer words than the Democrats: ‘We support restoring the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act.’ ”
“Our nation has a chance to get this right before another looming financial crisis, perhaps anchored in corporate debt, hits,” Kaptur concluded. “Congress must not wait,  the chance to restore Glass-Steagall is now.”
The Rules Committee, on a GOP party-line vote, voted down the Kaptur-Jones amendment as part of the upcoming debate on the Republicans’ H.R.10, “Financial CHOICE Act.” Kaptur will be able to contest this again when the CHOICE Act comes to the House floor, perhaps this week.

China, International Space Leadership Express Importance of Global Cooperation

June 6 (EIRNS)—At the opening the three-day Global Space Exploration (GLEX) conference today in Beijing, President Xi Jinping told the more than 1,000 delegates from 51 countries, in a letter read by Vice President Li Yuanchao, that China is willing to enhance cooperation with the international community, as he hailed achievements made in space exploration. He said that progress in space science and technology will benefit people around the world in the future. China attaches great importance to space exploration as well as innovation in space science and technology, said Xi, and that his country wants to use these achievements to create a better future for mankind. He expressed hope that the conference will promote international exchanges and cooperation.
The GLEX conferences are sponsored by the prestigious International Astronautical Federation (IAF), which formed in 1950, and is headquartered in Paris. The “members” of the IAF are space institutions and organizations from almost every nation in the world. The Chinese sentiment for closer international cooperation was enthusiastically echoed by Roberto Battiston, president of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), who praised this dream of a “global space agency,” as quoted by the IAF.
Delegates attended a plenary event organized by the Chinese host, which highlighted the key role played by other nations in China’s Chang’e-4 lunar mission, which include the European Space Agency and Germany.
Senior Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei told the GLEX conference participants that China is planning at least four manned space flights over the next five years, to build its space station. China will orbit the core module and two research laboratories, with docking ports that can accommodate laboratories and astronauts contributed by other countries.
The core module will be launched (unmanned) in 2019, with station’s completion slated for 2022. Yang said that two manned missions will be conducted in 2020, which would be for station assembly. In an interview with Beijing Youth Daily, Yang said that later this year, China will select its next class of astronauts. “The first batch of astronauts were all bachelor’s degree-holders selected from the PLA Air Force. Now, we will give more consideration to aerospace engineers and other experts from broader society. They will more likely be postgraduates,” he said.
Yang predicted that Chinese astronauts would land on the Moon by around 2030, and said, “One day, we may go to Mars, or even farther.”

State Lawmakers Urged To Act To Keep Connecticut Nuclear Plant Open

June 6 (EIRNS)—Describing Connecticut as having the “highest electricity rates in the continental United States,” Dominion Energy spokesman Kevin Hennsey described the companies and jobs that have moved out of the state as a result. Legislation, which has not yet been debated in the State House or Senate, would authorize the nuclear utility to bid for state power contracts on an equal footing with other generators. Millstone nuclear, Dominion says, could reduce its rates, by selling directly to energy retailers rather than on hedge fund markets, which create no value for consumers and instead drive up prices.
The Millstone plant accounts for fully 59% of the power consumed in the state of Connecticut, employs more than 1,000 workers, and generates $1.47 billion in annual economic activity. Yet it may be forced to shut down if the legislation fails.
With the legislature scheduled to end its session on June 7, it is not likely a bill will be passed. But as in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the issue is squarely on the table.

Click link above for a discussion by Sylvia Olden Lee !


On Thursday, June 29, 2017, on the occasion of her 100th birthday, the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture will celebrate the life and achievements of the inimitable vocal coach, Sylvia Olden Lee.

Ms. Lee was the first African-American employed by the Metropolitan Opera, and the person most directly responsible for "breaking the color line" there. She convinced Rudolf Bing to hire the great Marian Anderson to sing the role of Ulrica in Giuseppe Verdi's 
Un Ballo De Maschera on January 7, 1955. Ms. Anderson's premiere was followed by the hiring of baritone Robert McFerrin 20 days later.

We also intend that on this occasion, to further Sylvia’s life-long endeavor – S.Y.L.V.I.A. (Saving Young Lyric Voices in Advance) - a program named after Sylvia’s mother, soprano, Sylvia Olden, which entailed a comprehensive approach to the teaching of voice-training in the school system through high school age, the maintenance and development of the vocal capabilities of professional singers. Ms. Lee, who died in 2004, was involved in the last decade and a half of her life in a non-stop crusade to re-popularize Classical musical performance and education among all youth. Ironically, because she is thought of as being an important pedagogue for aspiring African-American Classical artists, the significance of Ms. Lee's proposal and work for all youth in the United States, and especially today, have gone unrecognized.

The true, unrecognized significance of Sylvia Olden Lee must be shared with everyone. She is a truly "hidden figure" of Classical music, whose project, S.Y.L.V.I.A. is actually indispensable to the future of the United States, to United States education, and to the resurrection—the "revival"—of the practice of non-violence. It should be the inspiration for a resurgence in the performance of the Classical musical repertoire, including the African-American Spiritual, by "ordinary people," and in educational institutions throughout the United States.

We invite all who share an enthusiasm for this outlook to join us on June 29th at Carnegie Hall and help alert others about it.

Tickets are available, $35-65 on sale through Carnegie Hall 


June 29, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Carnegie Hall
881 7th Ave
Isaac Stern Auditorium
New York, NY 10019
United States

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