Wednesday, June 7, 2017


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Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Post-Terror Dawah

You can set your watch to it. In the wake of every jihad terror attack, no matter how heinous and horrifying, in come the washerwomen with buckets of dirty water working double time to scrub and censor the motive from the attack.

Muslims ENRAGED at Philly mom for “disrespectful” Quran cake she had made for her Muslim son

Mom Saudia Shuler’s Instagram video of the two cakes has attracted more than 116,000 views in the past three days, along with several comments accusing her of cultural appropriation and disrespecting Islam.

NSA Leaker is Anti-Trump, Islamic Society of North America Supporter

Reality Leigh Winner’s apparent social media footprint shows that she is a Bernie Sanders dope and supports causes, including the Women’s March and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim civil rights group.

UK jihad candidate Jeremy Corbyn wants Jihadis FREE to go to Syria and return to UK

The two choices the Brits have before on Thursday are a coward (May) and an accomplice (to jihad - Corbyn).

Brother of London jihad mass-murderer was paid by UK Govt to ‘fight extremism’

A jihadi is paid to "fight extremism" but I am banned in the UK for my opposition to jihad. The war is not against extremism. It is against jihad.
Further proof of the fallacy and fantasy of failed counter "extremism" and "deradicalization" programs in the West. Epic failures.

PICTURES: FGM-Linked Muslim Group Given First Chance to Lay Flowers at London Attack Vigil

Thousands of Londoners gathered Monday in a park near London’s Tower Bridge to express grief over the deaths of those killed by jihadis on Saturday evening. The vigil, led by London mayor Sadiq Khan, saw a procession of Muslims given the opportunity to first, and separately, lay flowers at the scene. While the group of men first laid flowers, other Britons and attendees were held behind barriers.

Hammer Attack on Police at Notre Dame Cathedral, Attacker Shot Twice

French police have shot a man outside of the Notre Dame in Paris after he tried to attack them with a hammer, according to local media.

Full-on Jew-hatred at @Sears: Clothing line calls for annihilation of Israel

Cultural jihad.
Sears has gone over to the dark side, offering a line of Islamic Jew-hatred togs made in Germany, of course. Is it any wonder Sears is going bankrupt. Clearly they are morally bankrupt -- so it would be inevitable the wallet would follow.
What's next, I love Nazi Germany?

Canada: ISIS stabbing threat in Cedarbrae Mall in Ontario

Jihad is infectious among the devout. Instead of being repelled by the gruesome car and knife attacks in London over the weekend, devout Muslims are moved to ..... wage jihad - kill in the cause of Allah.

London Muslim Terrorist’s JIHAD GYM

Mosques must be monitored and terror training facilities, aka gyms, as well.

D-Day: June 6, 1944, the liberation of Western Europe

Today is the anniversary of Allied invasion of Europe to defeat evil, oppression, and totalitarianism. America saved Europe. Europe is on the brink - again but this time America will not save he

Trump Sons Rally, Slamming Comey Testimony as ‘Witch Hunt’

President Donald Trump's sons have taken to national television to call out the whole Russia messaging the Democrats have been pushing as a "witch hunt."

UK Was Warned About Third London Bridge Jihadi: Moroccan-Italian Muslim Youssef Zaghba who was ‘arrested in Bologna for trying to fly to Syria’

Back in 2009, I wrote an article for the Washington Times, “Europe’s looming demise,” on the disastrous Euro-Med agreement. In it, I predicted that the freedom of movement between European Union nations and their Muslim Mediterranean partners would be disastrous: Open borders would unleash a hijrah, a mass migration of Muslims into Europe, resulting in jihad violence and, ultimately, the end of Europe as a home of free societies.

UK: Muslim Groups ‘Undermining Fight Against Terror’, Leading Prosecutor Warns

“Islamist” Muslim groups and community leaders hinder the fight against terror and are interested only in presenting Muslims “as victims” Britain’s most prominent Muslim lawyer has said.

Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan Identified as Lawmaker Behind Anti-Israel Capitol Hill Forum @repmarkpocan

Rep. Mark Pocan (D., Wis.) has been identified as the anonymous member of Congress who reserved official Capitol Hill space for an anti-Israel forum that is being organized by several organizations that support boycotts of the Jewish state.

“Moderate” Moroccan King cancels attendance at Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) because Netanyahu will be there

King Mohammed VI canceled his scheduled participation in a summit of 15 African leaders in Liberia on Sunday because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be there, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry announced.

Palestinian Authority Arrests Man for Eating in Public During Ramadan

The Palestinian Authority has arrested a man for the crime of eating in public during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

George Soros-Tied NGO Facing Investigation for Sexual Abuse of Migrants

A charity group tied to George Soros and working in Greece is under investigation over allegations a couple employees sexually abused migrants.

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