Monday, June 12, 2017


We Need a Few Moments of Your Time to Do Your Part—
So That I Can Do Mine and Serve You

TomorrowJune 13, 2017, is Election Day and the City of Las Vegas needs your vote for Las Vegas City Council, Ward 6.  Every vote counts, as we have seen municipal elections won by as little as 9 votes!  This election is extremely important and will directly affect the everyday lives of every individual in Ward 6, as the elected city council has the authority to pass municipal ordinances and budgets, make appropriations and even sets local tax rates.

Remember guys, the government’s job is to serve and work for you, the producers, I believe it is a privilege to serve the hard working citizens that keep this economy running; business men and women, stores, shop keepers, construction workers, truck drivers, the ranchers, farmers, miners, loggers, and so on and so forth. I am honored to serve my constituents and make their voice heard and keep our quality of life intact.  I pride myself on providing a level of access and availability to you that is unmatched by other politicians, such as regularly opening up my home and inviting our ward over for dinner.  I am constantly searching for new ways to personally reach out and engage voters, from knocking on hundreds of doors every week, to putting my personal cell phone and email on every piece of literature my campaign produces. 

I am the only candidate with a proven voting record for standing up for Nevada taxpayers, putting more police on our streets and giving our hard working public servants the tools necessary to keep our neighborhoods safe and operational, and passing Landmark Education reform to put parents in charge of their children’s education.   

As someone running to be a representative for Ward 6, one should show nothing but positivity and willingness to help others in our community; however, rather than address the important issues my opponent has focused on engaging in personal attacks towards me, in a desperate attempt to distract voters from the fact that she has no record or experience serving the community.  These appalling campaign tactics are below the expectations of what a city council member should represent.

Your vote is your voice in your community, so please take a moment from your busy schedule to go vote, the city you save may be your own.



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