Monday, June 12, 2017


97% of Puerto Ricans Voters Support Statehood, but there’s a Catch

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Muslim Religious Leader says most Muslims Don’t Believe it’s Wrong to “Kill a Nonbeliever”

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Documents Proving Collusion between Clinton Campaign and Department of Justice might NOT be Forgeries? 
How Transgender Bullies Exploit Our Silence—And What to Do About It 
Did James Comey Break the Law by Leaking His Memos? 
There Goes that Theory 
Comey a “Spineless Weasel” with a “History of Manipulating” the Press 
Judge in Bundy Ranch Case wants Defendants to Appear in Chains, Attorneys Sue for Violation of Rights
Balanced Budget Amendment: The Solution? Or Deathblow? 
Democrat Senator says No Evidence “Whatsoever” of Trump-Russia Collusion 
Every Candidate that Bernie Sanders Endorses Ends Up Losing 
Wikipedia Edited From Within House Of Representatives To Make Trump Example Of ‘Obstruction Of Justice’ 

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The SPLC is the Real Hate Group 
News You Can Use for June 12, 2017 
VIDEO: Clueless Liberals Accidentally Agree with Trump’s Paris Accord Move 
Swamp Not Quite Drained, But Lincoln Memorial Pool Gets Emptied, Cleaned 
Wall Street’s Fearless Girl Statue Gets Muslim Makeover To Expose Leftist Hypocrisy 
The Media vs. Donald Trump 
While Bipartisan Efforts at Criminal Justice Reform Continue, Jeff Sessions Pushing “Tough on Crime” Policies 
New Report: Hillary knew Her Blackberry was Unsecure, Used it Anyway 
Bernie Sanders Launches Assault on American Christians 
News You Can Use for June 11, 2017 
More High Altitude Drama For The United States and Russia 
Comey “Tapes” Being Demanded By Intelligence Community After Testimony 
TRUMP EFFECT: Gas Prices Hit 12 Year Low For Time of Year 
Marches Against Sharia Law Taking Place Across the USA Today 
Congress Blasts Obama Admin’s Coverup of Fast and Furious Scandal 

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