Monday, June 19, 2017


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New York: Anti-America Trump Haters March vs. Patriotic ♥ Rally #BuildthatWall

On June 3, 2017, I caught two rallies that went from Dump Trump to Support President Trump. What a day.

Alabama Muslim charged with supporting act of terrorism

WAAY 31 found out Sayyed frequented the Huntsville Islamic Center. Monitor every mosque tied to jihad activity. Why, sixteen years after 9/11, are we still not doing this?

Taqiyya Alert: Manchester Bombing Imam Deception

The American mainstream media is currently complicit in promoting one of the bigger taqiyya scams I’ve seen in recent years.

Muslim gunmen storm holiday hotspot in Mali who have ‘taken hostages in resort popular with Western tourists’

More of the catastrophic fallout from former President Obama's Libyan jihad misadventure. Say what you will about Qadafi, he kept the jihad force contained. North Africa descends into chaos and jihad war while millions of North African "migrants" invade Europe.

Sweden: Police Attacked By 100 Masked Muslim Migrant Youths

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And it's not just Sweden. It's Germany, too. Whether it's fear or policy or a combination of both, the police do not police these areas, and when they do, they are ambushed and attacked.

Report: THOUSANDS of violent jihadis ON THE LOOSE in Sweden

Islamic refugees and migrants represent a historically violent challenge for the Swedish state. Police receive seven concerning extremism or terrorism reports per hour.

Boy Scout Booted from Troop for Alleged “Anti-Muslim Remark”

The scoutmaster of his sons’ Boy Scout Troop arrived at Wright’s house Sunday and said an “anonymous complaint” surfaced alleging his youngest son uttered an “anti-Muslim remark” in a private conversation.

Robert Spencer: Ground Zero Mosque Imam Says Concern About Sharia is “Silly”

Not much has been heard from the imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the former public face of the Ground Zero mosque initiative, since Pamela Geller and her team of patriots defeated that project.

Sweden: Muslim Migrant Stabs Passengers When Woman in Hijab Asked to Show Train Ticket, Blames ‘Racism’

An Iraqi man travelling from Stockholm to Hallsberg by train launched a brutal attack on passengers after a Muslim woman was asked to show her ticket, accusing them all of racism.

Record number of terror arrests as EU warns of ‘stay-at-home’ jihadists

Police arrested a record number of terrorist suspects last year, as fewer would-be Islamic State group jihadists head to the Middle East and instead decide to stay at home to plot attacks.

Christian man accused under blasphemy, imprisoned for asking for wages from Muslim

He replied to him that "I am a Sadhu person and you should have to give me free services," but Ashfaq Masih said to him, "I only believe in Jesus Christ not others, so please gave me the payment since I repaired your bicycle."

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