Monday, June 19, 2017


Media Reports Trump Under Investigation, Lawyers say Not so Fast

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Muslims Horrifically Murder 250 Children, but the UN Silences the Investigation

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Congressman who Dodged Bullets Last Week, Still Defending the 2nd Amendment

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Rhetoric vs. Reality
The WAR on Trump: A Guide for Conservatives, Libertarians & Liberals
President Trump calls Obama’s Cuba Policy “Terrible and Misguided”
Obama FCC Caught Red-Handed giving Liberal Groups Preferential Treatment
VP Pence: “Que Viva Cuba Libre! Cuba Si, Castro No!”
New York Time’s Contributor says Not a “Single Good Person” Voted for Trump
Black Lives Matter March on Madison Avenue
Will ABC’s ‘Last Man Standing’ be Back?
News You Can Use for June 19, 2017
Kelly – Jones Publicity Stunt Gets Remixed to Add Sandy Hook Parents

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Amazon’s Ugly Truth: Retailer Intercepts Your Data To Monopolize Pricing
Gingrich Mulls Mueller Move That Would Send Liberals Into Furious Fervor
Trump’s Anger Over Russia Investigation Intensifies, POTUS Now Shouting at TV
FBI says Democrat Party Operatives over Bribe to Russian Hacker to say He Hacked DNC for Trump!
Boycott the WNBA: League now Supporting Abortion with Every Ticket Sold
Radical Liberal Terrorism?
Leftists have a LONG History of Advocating for Violence
News You Can Use for June 18, 2017
Big Brother Comes to Boston for Boat Race Via Drone Swarms
Rand Paul Ruffles Sessions’ Feathers, Calls for End To Pot Prohibition
Naval Collision Sees Seven Sailors Missing Off Coast of Japan
The West is Ignoring the Growing ISIS Threat in Bosnia
Biased Liberal Site calls Conservative News Sites, “Biased”
Nancy Pelosi Attacks GOP, but was she Just “Projecting” Her own Guilt and Shame?
Bernie Sanders Supporters Use Iconic Beatles Song who’s Message is the Opposite of what they Think

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