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From the horses mouth. Research.

The immediate reason for this ultra scary research is the chemical mix of the colored clouds the government has decided to make over the east coast area at present.  The full reason is that these chemicals, and worse, are all in chem trails which are dumped on all of us non stop.
Nano aluminum particles are mentioned here but it should also be mentioned that nano anything is not natural in any way; the tiny size of any particles which are nanoed pass the brain barrier defenses, the natural way God protected brains from malfunction          
No one ever gave the U.S. government any mandate to pollute the air of the earth anyway it pleases.  Or in any way at all.  Every congress prostitute needs to submerged in DEMANDS that this death dealing poison of the air, the water, the land, the plants, the animals AND YOU be immediately OUTLAWED NO MATTER WHO DOES IT!  There is no food today, animal or plant, which is not poisoned in this manner.  There is no air which is clean to breath.  It goes without saying that all water and land is poisoned.  This on top of all the other poisons used in farming and processing of "food."  Monsanto, and like corporations, are involved in every single one of these death dealing, sickly creating, half alive humans, animals and plants.  There is nothing innocent about what they are doing.  The plan is to REDUCE WORLD POPULATION as our masters don't want to support any more slaves than they deem necessary to their comfort.
This project was going on for years before it was given the lame reasoning of "climate control" or some other such pretended "protection" of the people.
Tony B.

Some WEB sites say chemtrails are to prevent "global warming" or for “climate control.”
Could it be a major cause of the disappearance of bees, which will kill our food supply?

Could it be for the destruction of the US?
What if there’s an EMP attack, which can be caused by the sun (coronal mass ejection S- ), by a nuclear EMP, or by a non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP)?NASA admits to:

Jet Fuel in the air: One study (Anand, & Sadhik Basha) used an emulsion of jatropha biodiesel (crushed jatropha plant oil S-), water, and a surfactant, blended in different proportions of aluminum oxide nanoparticles. It outperformed regular biofuel, as the nanoparticle-spiked fuels produced significantly lower quantities of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, and created less smoke. (Jatropha genus plants are poisonous. S-) Jatropha causes cardiovascular, neurological, & renal (kidney S-) complications.

Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA) - It catches fire spontaneously if exposed to air or water, & causes severe skin burns and eye damage. It burns at hundreds of degrees F. and can't be extinguished by water (rain) since contact with water for adjacent fires causes violent reactions & produces toxic, flammable gases. Also, in contact with water, it releases flammable gases which can ignite spontaneously, thereby emitting flammable gases. Aluminum is a carcinogen and causes Alzheimer's. It also can split into 3 parts (methyl aluminums) in the presence of ozone, through which it passes as it falls. In humans, aluminum blocks nerves’ voltage gated calcium channels (cell signals), decreases the biological activity of CaM (a multifunctional calcium-binding messenger protein in all human cells S-), and inhibits Ca2+ ATPase (transfer calcium after a muscle has contracted S-). Aluminum also decreases & inhibits dopamine (regulator of movement & emotional responses S-), which converts dopamine to norepinephrine (adrenalin S-).

Barium exposure - low blood potassium, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory failure, gastrointestinal dysfunction, paralysis, muscle twitching, elevated blood pressure, kidney damage & death. [5] Regular barium exposure is a potential contributor to neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. [6]

Lithium - (Li+) - It is widely distributed in the central nervous system (CNS) & interacts with neurotransmitters & receptors, decreasing nor-epinephrine (adrenalin S-) release and increasing serotonin synthesis (serotonin causes nerves to "talk" to one-another. S-). Lithium produces no psychotropic effects (e.g., euphoria), but does increase serotonin release by brain neurons. Lithium may interact with nitric oxide (NO) signaling pathway (a signalling molecule in the nervous system S-) in the CNS, which plays a crucial role in neural plasticity (the ability to change brain connections & behavior based on new information, such as learning & memory, experiences, & development or dysfunction S-). The NO system could be involved in the antidepressant effect of lithium. Also, an NMDA receptor blockage (a chemical that blocks nerve responses S-) augments antidepressant-like effects of lithium in mouse forced swimming tests,[76] indicating possible involvement of NMDA receptor/NO signaling by lithium in animal models of learned helplessness.

GABA (human gamma-Aminobutyric acid) One of the above chemicals affects GABA. (Don’t remember which one. S-) GABA is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the CNS. It plays the principal role in reducing neuronal excitability, regulates muscle tone, acts at brain inhibitory synapses in both pre- & postsynaptic neuronal processes.

After the title, it's in English.

From where does the federal government think it gets a mandate to do this sort of "study?"

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