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Bertrand Daily Report 
The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (June 19th, 2017)

Ed Note: Alex Jones (InfoWars.Com) went head to head with Megyn Kelly in a most spirited display of "he said she said" battle on NBC Dateline that may not end this week on his show. Alex is the premier representative of alternative news in America, heard around the world by millions. His secret contacts at the highest level provide the Liberty Movement with intel beyond anything the fakestream media would ever divulge, unless it is to be "debunked" with a propaganda spin to protect the criminal Dems.

The "Deep State" secrets concerning "Sandy Hook" to demonize the 2nd amendment to 9/11 and the fact it was a false flag like no other, with exception to the sinking of the USS Liberty by the Israeli SDF....a U.S./Israeli conspiracy to hide intelligence gathering by the USS Liberty of crimes against humanity in the "6 day War" involving Egypt, the fakestream media is in a battle for their existence as "Real Truth Media" is turning Americans around with knowledge that (WE) have been deprived of since before and after the JFK Assassination.

The corporate fakestream media and the "Deep State" are waging war on Alex Jones with vengeance that might get him killed. Exposing crimes by the Clinton Crime Syndicate, Lynch, Comey, Rice et weighing heavy on Alex Jones (and his staff) and my opinion is for Alex to NOW brush them-off his shoulders and keep-on truckn' like never before.

Alex is now back-peddling on two very dangerous subjects he has always exposed with credible evidence from his sources that are CIA and State Department connected (leaks)...along with professional investigators, exposing the truth behind "Sandy Hook" and 9/11.

Alex should not succumb to the pressure by fakestream media to be "accepted" or "apologetic" because we are at war with an on-going list of conspiracies that are being questioned by the world and further researched as "false flags" to undermine the truth and agenda(s) behind the "Deep State" actions.  A growing list of Dems that need to be prosecuted is happening because of Alex Jones and the Liberty Movement.

Although....his daily radio/tv talk show is becoming all about the attacks on Alex and is becoming very annoying to the listening public while the fakestream media (behind closed doors) feel they are NOW getting to him. Hate him or love him, Alex is the spear that might be broken if he gives-in by "going along" with the fake narratives he his challenged with lately.
---Dave Bertrand

Note: My article / report for Father's Day had the wrong YouTube Video Link, even though the nine year old genius was a "hit" the actual video for that article is here....

Happy Father's Day, a Spiritual Weapon of Mass Destruction by Dave Bertrand

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