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Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (June 1st, 2017)

Ed Note: The monster is lurking in the closet and media doesn't want to touch it......sea life in the Pacific are dying at alarming rates and Fukushima, the nuclear disaster, just keeps on giving and giving. In other news, Hillary is coming out of her closet with absurd allegations as to why she "lost the election." Likely because of the Seth Rich (DNC Staffer) released email documents to Wikileaks, exposing Hillary and Podesta's destruction of the Bernie Sander's campaign, and was consequently assassinated... Hillary Clinton might be setting herself up for an insanity defense. --Dave Bertrand  #DaveBertrand (@bertranddave1)

Today's Featured Article / Report

Fukushima Cover-up by Media

News Release: “Japan: UN rights expert warns of serious threats to the independence of the press TOKYO / GENEVA (19 April 2016) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, on Tuesday called upon the Japanese Government to take urgent steps to protect the independence of the media and promote the public’s right of access to information.

“Japan has well-earned pride in a Constitution that expressly protects the freedom of the press. Yet the independence of the press is facing serious threats,” said Kaye after a week-long visit to the country.

“Weak legal protection, the newly adopted Specially Designated Secrets Act, and persistent Government pressure for ‘neutrality’ and ‘fairness’ appear to be producing high levels of self-censorship,” Kaye said. “Such pressure has its intended effect because the media itself depends upon the exclusivity of the press club system and lacks a broad professional union that could advocate for basic principles of independence.”

“Numerous journalists, many agreeing to meet with me only on condition of anonymity to protect their livelihoods, highlighted the pressure to avoid sensitive areas of public interest. Many claimed to have been sidelined or silenced following indirect pressure from leading politicians. A country with such strong democratic foundations should resist and protect against such interference.”
According to Mr. Kaye, the Broadcast Act, adopted in 1950 to give the Government direct authority to regulate the broadcast media, confuses the professional obligations of journalists, in Article 4, with the Government’s power to suspend broadcasting licenses. “The Government should repeal Article 4 and get itself out of the media-regulation business,” he said.

Mr. Kaye noted that, in this environment, the Specially Designated Secrets Act, still in its early stages of implementation, is likely to have a chilling effect on the media’s coverage of matters of serious public concern. The weakness of whistleblower protection, for example, could lead to information sources drying up, while journalists themselves may fear punishment for their work to gain access to information. Such fears may have particular impact on areas of major contemporary public interest in Japan, such as the future of the nuclear power industry, disaster response, and the national security policies adopted by the Government.

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Nigel Farage 'named person of interest' in FBI Russia... (D.B.: Hello my friend, I guess it's your turn, since THEY are running out of options)

THEY'RE STAYING! OBAMAS BUY DC HOME... (D.B.: There goes the neighborhood !)

ComeyMueller meet to clear testimony... (D.B.: Right ! To get their lies in-order)


(D.B.: The woman has lost her mind...maybe setting the stage for a fake mental issue when the facts are revealed about her connection to the Seth Rich assassination)



FRAUD: New Report Shows Thousands Voted Illegally in Virginia (D.B.: Yep ! Hillary's popular vote landslide)


Huma’s Humiliating U-Turn: Hillary Hack Invites Weiner Back Home! (D.B.: Why? Did Weiner threaten to reveal more about Huma's foreign intelligence connections?)



Russian Warship, Submarine Fire Four Cruise Missiles At ISIS Targets In SyriaZero Hedge - A Russian warship and submarine fired four cruise missiles from the eastern Mediterranean at Islamic State targets near the Syrian city of Palmyra, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday, as reported by CNN and Reuters. The strikes targeted militant ISIS "shelters" east of the ancient city, which housed heavy equipment and militant troops…. Russia had warned the United States, Turkey and Israel before launching the missiles, the ministry said. It did not say when the strike took place, but Russian news agencies quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had personally told President Vladimir Putin about the military action late on Tuesday.

Turkey blasts US for ‘extremely dangerous’ arming of Kurds in Syria
RT - The US’ decision to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria is an “extremely dangerous” mistake that should be reversed, Turkey’s foreign minister has said. Earlier on Tuesday, the US announced that it was starting to deliver weapons to the Syrian Kurdish militia. “Such steps are extremely dangerous for Syria’s unity and territorial integrity,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the media on Wednesday. “If we are looking for stability in Syria, we should row back from those mistakes,” he told a press conference, while speaking alongside his Slovenian counterpart, Karl Erjavec. Earlier on Tuesday, the Pentagon said deliveries of small arms, machine guns and other military equipment to Kurdish fighters in Syria began this week, saying the move is necessary to help the militias fight the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) near the city of Raqqa. This runs counter to earlier reports which said that as many as 100 trucks loaded with US weapons and ammunition had already been delivered to SDF over the past few weeks. The Pentagon said it considers the multiethnic Syrian Democratic Force (SDF), which is dominated by the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG), to be the only military contingent on the ground capable of taking the IS stronghold Raqqa.

Kabul: at least 90 killed by massive car bomb in diplomatic quarter 
The Guardian - A massive explosion in a highly secure diplomatic area of Kabul has killed at least 90 people and wounded more than 461, Afghan officials have said. The attack is the deadliest in the Afghan capital since an Isis suicide bomber killed nearly 100 people at a protest last summer, and one of the largest to hit Kabul since the 2001 intervention. Most of the casualties are expected to be civilians. The huge blast of a bomb hidden in a sewage tanker occurred close to the German embassy in the Wazir Akbar Khan area of the capital on Wednesday morning, sending clouds of black smoke spiralling into the sky near the presidential palace and foreign embassies. It took place at the peak of Kabul’s rush hour when the streets were packed with commuters and just days into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan…. On Wednesday evening, the country’s intelligence agency, the NDS, accused the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network, with Pakistani support, of being behind the attack.



 Citizens Patrolling The Southwest Border

Dallas News         At Dallas rally, Nancy Pelosi calls sanctuary cities law an 'act of cowardice'  
Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday blasted Texas' new sanctuary cities law and chided Republican leaders for taking the state in the wrong direction instead of embracing its diversity. -- "What an act of cowardice," Pelosi said about the law, passed this year by the Republican-controlled Legislature and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott. -- The law seeks to curb so-called sanctuary cities by, among other things, allowing law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of residents. Critics mock the law as "papers please" legislation. -- "What are they afraid of?" Pelosi asked later during a news conference at a union hall in Dallas. "Here we have the vitality of America, all of these newcomers to our country and some of them here for a long time. They are instilling fear in them. That's just the wrong thing to do. Instead, we should be working together for comprehensive immigration reform."......
WTNH       Illegals rally in Hartford demanding financial aid 
“We are demanding that both chambers, that both parties, take this issue as a priority and vote for this legislation,” said Lucas Codognolla, of Connecticut Students for a Dream. -- For four years, Connecticut Students for a Dream has been trying to get the state to allow undocumented immigrants access to institutional financial aid. That group, along with a coalition of higher education institutions, labor groups, faith leaders and community organizations, all stood together in the lobby of the state capitol Wednesdaymorning. -- Connecticut already allows undocumented students to study at state colleges and universities. Their tuition already pays for financial aid for others.......
Fox News         Border agents say 'acting' status of agency chiefs has hampered enforcement efforts 
The enthusiasm felt by Border Patrol agents following news of President Trump's strong stance on border and immigration enforcement is slowly dissipating as the reality sinks in that actual enforcement of stronger rules may not be changing much from the Obama years. -- Agents hoped to be able to return to the days where they could inspect the immigration status of suspicious individuals at transportation hubs, jails or even businesses -- not only as an immigration enforcement measure, but to prevent terrorism.......
KGBT          Civil rights organization files lawsuit against Senate Bill 4 
Since Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 4 into law on May 7, three lawsuits have been filed against it. -- One of them was filed Monday, May 22, by the Texas Civil Rights Project and the city of El Paso. -- "Our client is the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, and we have sued on their behalf the state of Texas alleging that SB4 is unconstitutional for a number of reasons," said Texas Civil Rights Project Racial and Economic Justice Director Efren Olivares. "For example, it violates the 14th Amendment of the U.S. constitution, because it was enacted with discriminatory intent and it will have a desperate impact on Latino immigrants."......
KYMA          Convicted sex offender caught trying to enter the U.S. 
A previously deported and convicted sex offender was arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents after being caught coming into the country illegally. -- Agents say the 30-year-old Mexican man was seen running north from the U.S.-Mexico border fence near downtown. -- The man was approached by agents who figured out he was in the country illegally. -- Agents ran a background check on the man which revealed his criminal record. -- The man was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison in California for lewd and lascivious acts with a child.......
OC Register       Man arrested as people clash at immigration town hall in Santa Ana 
A man was arrested on suspicion of assault, and two women were detained at a Town Hall & Immigration Workshop in Santa Ana Tuesday night, May 30, police said. -- About 15 minutes before the workshop began, a fight broke out between two women inside the Delhi Center, according to Santa Ana Police Department Cmdr. Matt Sorenson. The event was hosted by Rep. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, to give a legislative update on new immigration policies. -- The town hall was to run from 6 to 8 p.m., according to a post on Correa's Facebook page. Correa listed Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), World Relief Garden Grove and the Mexican Consulate as also taking part in the town hall.......
LA Daily News        Gang threat puts LA County law enforcement on high alert 
Law enforcement officers across the Southland are on high alert today after a safety bulletin issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to its deputies and other area agencies revealed a gang- related threat against them. -- Sheriff's Homicide Bureau detectives learned of the threat two weeks ago while investigating the fatal shooting of a stolen-vehicle suspect by South Gate police officers at the end of a vehicle chase, according to the sheriff's department. -- “During the course of an officer-involved shooting investigation, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Homicide Bureau was made aware of information regarding a potential threat by criminal street gangs against Southern California on-duty law enforcement officers,” according to a sheriff's department statement.......
WBAL          Bill would require jail to screen for illegals 
The Baltimore County Council is taking up a controversial measure that takes aim at sanctuary cities, which prompted a large protest Tuesday in Towson. -- Democratic leaders in Baltimore County, activists and immigrant-rights advocates rallied outside the old courthouse to protest County Bill 32-17, which would require the Baltimore County Detention Center to screen for illegal immigrants. -- "Ladies and gentleman, this is a time for real leaders to stand up against hate and bigotry," Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said. "Not only is this bill unconstitutional, it's Un-American." -- The protesters called the measure flawed and racist.......
NewsBusters         NY Times Now Giving Out Tips for 'Undocumented' to Stay in 'Draconian' U.S. Illegally 
The New York Times will never stop pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants. In last Sunday's New York Times Magazine, contributing writer and Latino activist Marcela Valdes devoted 6,000 words on the evil of Arizona's crackdown on "undocumented" (illegal) immigrants, and how to resist U.S. immigration law: “Is It Possible To Resist Deportations In The Age of Trump?” The text box: “Living under draconian state laws, Arizona activists honed an effective strategy for keeping undocumented immigrants in the country. Can the same tools still work today?” -- Apparently, America is the only country not allowed to have a border, and a media outlet feels free to broadcasting tips on resisting law enforcement (which is not exactly how the paper treated conservative gay marriage opponents in Kentucky, after the Supreme Court made it the law of the land).......

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