Thursday, June 1, 2017


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Admits to Security Violations - Blames Network Admins for not Stopping Her
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Today's Articles

Trump Exits Paris Agreement! 
Farmer Sues City After Being Barred from Open Market for Refusing to Let Homosexuals "Marry" on His Property 
Republican Forces CNN Pundit to Admit No Evidence of Collusion between Trump and Russia 
TRUMP: Paris Accord Is A Plan To ‘Redistribute Wealth Out Of The US’ 
The Imminent Disaster That Could Destroy Every Satellite: We’re “Within Five To Ten Years Of Losing Everything.” 
Just because America is Deeply Divided Today does not Mean that All Hope is Lost 
Americans are Fooled by the Left's Lies Everyday 
Anti-Trump Network Funded by George Soros Group Tied to Ex-ACORN Workers 
LA Mayor Warns Immigration Crackdown Could Spark Riots: “That’s A Very Dangerous Situation” 
Has Kathy Griffin Produced A Defining Moment That Will Cause America To Reject The Hate-Filled Ideology Of The Radical Left? 
A List Of 100 Things That Liberals Hate About America 
NSA Won't Release Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Tape - Claims "National Security" 
Maxine Waters Claims Public is "Getting Weary" Because Trump Hasn't Been Impeached 
Harvard Professor Clay Christensen: "If you take away religion, you cannot hire enough police" 
Trial Begins For Virginia Man Who Backed Out Of ISIS After Realizing He Couldn’t Smoke 

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